Stealth Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet Mouse over to view detail
To order the proper size, measure your wrist and add 1/2". Round up to the larger size.


Stealth Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet


Made of durable stainless steel, Stealth is a classic medical alert bracelet that bears the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol on the front to alert first responders to your medical information, engraved on the back.

Product Information

·   Engraving on inside: 3 lines, 20 characters each, spaces included

·   Stainless steel

·   Water resistant

·   Affixed tag (non-interchangeable)


Measuring Guide

·   To measure for your Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist, leaving no room between your skin and the measuring tape, and add one half inch.

·   Snug Measurement + ½ Inch = Your Bracelet Size. 


(Size includes tag length)