Jelly Band Silicone Allergy Alert Bracelet

Allergy alert jewelry not only helps remind caregivers and other adults about your child's allergies, but it is also essential that, in an emergency, first responders know about life-threatening allergies immediately. Our silicone allergy alert bands are perfect for bringing awareness to your child's food or insect allergies. Each medical alert band is customizable and comes with 1 medical caduceus button. There are an additional 4 openings on each allergy alert band where you can add the appropriate food and/or insect allergy alert buttons. These latex-free, silicone medical alert bands and allergy buttons are comfortable, durable, and waterproof. In order to determine the right size band to order, take a snug measurement of your child's wrist, and then add 1/2".  Snug Measurement + 1/2" = Your Child's Bracelet Size. 
This bracelet is not recommended for children younger than 5.