Food Allergy/Epipen Pink Silicone Medical Bands


Our new silicone bracelets are great for those on the go! Perfect for the pool, sports or any activity, these bands are made for the active individual. This set of three bands is currently offered in size 7”. This set includes:

  • 1 Pink “FOOD ALLERGY” Band
  • 1 White “CALL 911” Band
  • 1 Royal Blue “USE EPIPEN” Band


(Size includes tag length)
Our bracelet is Always the full length of the completed bracelets, Including the length of the tag.

The total length of the bracelet is what is important. When you are ordering additional bracelet strands without a tag please order the same size as your initial order with the tag. We will make the necessary adjustments and send out the correct size.

If your initial order was for a size 7 bracelet with a tag, you will always need to order a size 7. This applies even if you order an interchangeable strand only. This is often confusing to our customers, so feel free to contact us if you have questions on sizing.