Quincy Medical ID Cuff


This black-plated stainless steel cuff features a handsome infinity knot pattern. This lightweight and durable cuff is 100% waterproof and stress-free. The inside of the ID tag can be engraved with up to 5 lines of your important medical information and the outside of the ID tag features two, striking medical caduceus symbols to alert medical personnel of the information inside.

All of our waterproof, stainless steel medical alert cuffs are easy to put on, take off, and adjust! Simply pull gently to widen and squeeze gently to tighten. The adjustability makes them outstanding options for people who experience weight fluctuations, those who've had weight loss surgery, and people who have swelling of the extremities. These comfortable medical ID bracelets are designed to sit flush against the skin, just above the bony part of the wrist, making them a great option for people who type a lot and those who need to wear gloves and/or wash hands frequently. 
This bracelet comes in one standard size that can be bent slightly to adjust to fit, but is best suited for wrist sizes 7" to 9".