Morocco Medical ID Bracelet


Online photos are size 7.5" to 8".
Bracelet designs for other lengths will be altered to accommodate size.

Here's looking at you, kid! The Morocco Medical Alert Bracelet from Lauren's Hope carries a classy Casablanca vibe with all the rich jewel tones of Moroccan textiles and decor. Pair this earthy triple-strand medical ID bracelet with a custom-engraved medical ID tag (it looks great with the Two Tone Oval Filigree!) for a rich, warm look. The turquoise and gold accents in variegated sizes and textures balance the cherry quartz and deep bronze elements for an autumnal feel you'll want to wear all year long. 

To measure for your Morocco Medical Alert Bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist, leaving no room between your skin and the measuring tape, and add one inch. Snug Measurement + 1 Inch = Your Bracelet Size.