Giza Pyramid Medical ID Bracelet


Online photos are size 7.5" to 8".
Bracelet designs for other lengths will be altered to accommodate size.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of The World, and was, for centuries, the world's tallest manmade structure. Inspired by this enduring wonder, our Giza Pyramid is a four-stranded medical ID bracelet with varying numbers of beads on each strand such that, when laid across the wrist, the central accent beads form a pyramid themselves. With sterling silver tube beads at either end of the strands, fluid as desert sands, the Giza Pyramid is finished with mystic labradorite and silver beads with a hint of sparkle and a glint of mystery.

To measure for your Giza Pyramid medical alert bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist and add one inch. Snug Measure + 1 Inch = Your Bracelet Size.