Off The Coast Medical ID Bracelet


Online photos are size 7.5" to 8".
Bracelet designs for other lengths will be altered to accommodate size.

If you've ever been whale watching, you know the beauty of seeing a whale surface and then dive down, flapping its tail in its wake. Some consider these majestic creatures to be good luck, while others simply love to relax while watching them meander in the water. 

Keep a little of that good luck and serene calm with you every day with our beautiful whale tail centerpiece in the Off The Coast Medical Alert Bracelet. Custom-designed right here in the Lauren's Hope Medical ID Jewelry silversmith's studio, this sterling silver centerpiece is adorned at the top with ocean-blue bead dangles and finished off with tightly woven black macrame. 

To measure for your Off The Coast Medical Alert Bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist, leaving no room between your skin and the measuring tape, and add one inch. Snug Measurement + 1 Inch = Your Bracelet Size.