Star Fall Medical ID Bracelet

Our Star Fall medical alert bracelet is composed of stainless steel links and an affixed medical ID tag bearing a black medical caduceus symbol. This sleek, bold, waterproof medical ID bracelet is ideal for everyday wear. Its black and gold detailing on stainless steel make for a medical ID that goes with everything. Star Fall also has a full inch of adjustable chain at the lobster clasp closure, making it an excellent option for people undergoing weight changes, those who experience swelling of the wrists, and even growing kids! 

This bracelet is not interchangeable. 

To measure for this medical alert bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist, leaving no room between the measuring tape and your skin, then add 1 inch to that number. Snug + 1 inch = Your Bracelet Size.  
Size: How to measure

Size includes tag length.