I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator and I have noticed through the years that when I speak to groups of persons with diabetes, I am amazed at how many diabetics do not wear medical identification.  My story lies with the group of kids that I work with who have Type 1 diabetes.  When I show the young girls my medical id that contains the “mood” stones and they place their little hands upon it and watch it change colors they are fascinated and always desire to wear a bracelet just like mine.  The parents are delighted.  They don’t even know it is a medical id. 

When I teach our group Type 2 class and I am flailing my arms through the air (which I do when I talk) and then ask several hours later, did any of you notice my medical id.  Most of them say they thought it was just a bracelet and then I get to tell my stories.  Both women and men are delighted that the medical id’s are not big and ugly and always choose to pick up a flier and I hope purchase an id.  They now understand that the EMT’s will look at arms, legs and neck and perhaps save a life. 

So that is my story. I love the fact that you have provided “cool” looking medical Id’s and I get to share them with the young and old alike.  Thanks.


Tish Wright MS, RD, LD, CDE