Going on line, I saw a variety of places to get the a-typical 'chain link fence' medical ID bracelet. Then I happened upon some prettier versions, but the websites and the companies behind the websites didn't provide me much confidence in what I was ordering nor the quality of the bracelet I was receiving. Not one of those companies had information or websites that gave the impression that any of these companies were in business for the long haul anyway or anticipated having repeat customers. Then, I found Lauren's Hope. I found a tv news story on You Tube, and I ventured to your site - well, after that there was no going back to the other sites I'd found. I had been putting ordering a bracelet off and putting it off again, but then I saw a picture of your Butterfly Kisses Medical ID Bracelet and suddenly I knew I had something I could order that fit me perfectly - everyday wearable, not too fancy, something happy looking and with a little sparkly pazazz. When I received it I was very excited to see how it all looked - a satiny little bag revealed what I had hoped - something functional yet fun! Once on, my medical ID tucked securely beneath my wrist, I hardly noticed the medical part - I was too busy smiling and admiring what had been made just as I ordered. I appreciate the service you and your staff provide, the unique products you create and the craftsmanship and quality of your bracelets. Being fortunate enough to have my medical condition under control is one thing to be happy about; being safe is another; but being safe with style - well that's icing on the cake! Thanks again...I'll be baaaaccck. A satisfied new customer, Pam Matthews