I wear mine ALL THE TIME!!! in the shower, etc, and they hold up just fine, which is odd, because I am really hard on jewelry.  Part of my medical condition includes releasing a lot of potassium and salts through my skin, which breaks down most jewelry, very fast! 
If you want to know if your jewelry is gold plated, just let me wear it for a week LOL! Because I will take the finish right off it : ) That being said...both items, look as good today, as when I first bought them. If I could afford it, I would have one in every color : )  
Finally, I just want to say, that your product have made my quality of life, just a bit better. I find it hard to look down and see a big ugly reminder of my illness with the traditonal jewelry. These products are fun, and helps me to take my mind off the fact that I am sick, which anyone in the mental health field will tell you is a positive thing. So, win or loose...I am already a winner!  
Thanks Again, 
cara freudenberger