Black Write-On Medical ID Wristband

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Black Write-On Medical ID Wristband
Black Write-On Medical ID Wristband
Black Write-On Medical ID Wristband
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Lauren's Hope Write-On Wristbands are adjustable silicone bands that come in multiple colors with the words, "INFO ON FLIP SIDE" embossed and color printed next to a medical caduceus symbol. On the other side, there is a broad, white strip on which you can write any medical or emergency contact information you desire, using a waterproof, fine-tip felt pen (available in our Accessories section).

Waterproof, adjustable, and durable, your Lauren's Hope write-on wristband is an affordable option with a multitude of uses:

  • Backup medical ID bracelet
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) ID for kids during travel
  • Medical or ICE ID at the beach or at amusement parks
  • Temporary medical ID during a diagnosis phase or medication changes when you're not quite ready to engrave a medical ID tag


  • Made of durable silicone
  • Adjustable
  • Includes write-on strip for customization

Each band comes measuring 8" end to end with two snaps for adjustability.

  • Largest setting = 7.75", adult
  • Middle setting (using both snaps) = 6.5", child
  • Smallest setting (using the two innermost snap pieces) = 5.5", small child or infant. When using this smallest setting, some people choose to cut the band down to size.