Gastric Bypass Alert Bracelets: A Story to Inspire

I was able to catch up with a very special customer of ours,Molly McClure Seddeek. Molly recently left a comment on our Facebook wall letting us know that her Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet was put to good use a few weeks ago.

Here’s what Molly had to say…

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“I wanted to check in and let you great folks know that my bracelet was actually used for the first time last weekend (hopefully the last). ย I lost consciousness and the EMTs clearly saw my bracelet, were able to read it and the ER staff knew exactly how to handle me. ย In 2007 I had a gastric bypass so I cannot be given a gastric tube. I needed to be intubated and the bracelet made everything clear! ย Love you folks and thank you so much for being so kind and decent especially to those who need your understanding the most! Makes life that much easier. Blessings.”

After speaking with Molly I learned that she recently contracted pneumonia and meningitis and experienced seizures as a side effect.

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Thankfully, Molly was at home with her daughter during her seizure and was wearing her Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet.  Molly’s daughter called 911 and EMTs were immediately sent to her home.  Molly was unconscious and unable to communicate during this time, but her vital medical information was right there on her bracelet.  The EMTs were able to intubate Molly appropriately since they were aware of her gastric bypass surgery.  Upon waking in the hospital Molly’s doctors let her know what had happened.  Their ability to quickly treat her, while being mindful of her condition, made the entire process very clear and straight forward.  Molly credits her daughter as being her hero during this crisis.

Molly and I spent quite a bit of time talking about how she elected to go forward with gastric bypass surgery.

Like many, Molly experienced difficulty losing weight after the birth of both her babies.  She was proactive in her efforts to lose weight.  She joined Weight Watchers, worked out regularly and watched what she ate, but unfortunately did not achieve the results she was looking for.

After several years of frustration and finally hitting a wall, Molly began the search for a weight loss surgery specialist.  She was lucky to find a physician near her home who recommended she begin the 6 month process of determining whether weight loss surgery was the right choice.  Molly spent time meeting with nutritionists, phsycologists and pre-surgery support group sessions in order to determine that surgery was a good choice for her.  She was able to learn much about the changes to her body and life style this surgery would entail during this process.  Weight loss surgery is not for everyone, according to Molly, but after successfully completing her 6 month program she was ready for her gastric bypass surgery in April of 2007.

Post surgery Molly immediately began to see changes, both physically and emotionally.

Choosing healthy foods and exercising each day combined with her stomach altering surgery began to yield the results she had been looking for.  The continuous encouragement Molly received from both her family and support group has helped to keep her on track.  Molly’s ongoing support group meetings are a place where she can go and connect with others who have been through similar weight loss surgeries.  They’re able to share stories, swap clothes that no longer fit, share different tasty recipes and supplement choices.  Molly’s advice to those who are thinking about having or have had weight loss surgery, is to become active in a support group!  There are many wonderful support groups that can be found locally as well as online.  If you don’t find the right support group, Molly suggests starting one yourself.

When I asked Molly what her greatest achievement has been since deciding to have gastric bypass surgery, she said the following,

“My father was ill with cancer and I was in good health.  I was not overweight and found myself physically and emotionally able to be there for my father.  I was agile, able to run errands, was present, energized and fit during that time.”

What an incredible accomplishment!  Molly is without a doubt an inspiration to many.  Her brave determination to save her own life by undergoing such a life changing surgery shows love not only for herself, but also for her family and friends.

Here are just a few weight loss surgery blogs and websites where you will find tips, recipes, personal stories and more:

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Have you had a similar experience? Are you inspired to make a change in your life today? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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