So Much More Than Just a Medical ID


Wearing some form of identification, whether medical or not, can make a difference.

If you are reading this blog post, you know all too well that things can happen in the blink of an eye.  You are probably painfully aware of the realities of medical emergencies and their unexpected nature.  You may even arm yourself with a medical ID bracelet to alert medical personnel if you have a medical condition.

But what if you don’t have a medical condition?  You don’t need to wear an ID, right?

The sun is shining in Joplin, Missouri today after the deadliest tornado in nearly sixty years, according to ABC news, but for many, the worst is not yet over.  The situation continues to be frightening and chaotic for those desperately searching for their loved ones.  Hospitals throughout the area are overflowing with critically injured patients that need to be identified and reunited with their families; as of Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 750 people were treated at area hospitals, according to CNN.  As unidentified people are pulled from the debris, the situation in Joplin continues to become more chaotic and confusing.

On Sunday night, an unidentified man arrived at the hospital in Joplin with critical injuries, according to CNN.  His face was severely swollen and he was unable to speak.  He had no way of identifying himself or his medical history.

In a scary situation like this, rescuing, treating, and reuniting missing people with their loved ones is made much easier when the person can be quickly and easily identified. 

Wearing ID jewelry can assist search and rescue personnel (as well as medical personnel) in the event of a natural disaster, a car accident, or any situation where you may find yourself separated from your loved ones – regardless of whether you have a medical condition.

Consider ID jewelry for small children, pets, and elderly family members – anyone who may be unable to identify themselves in the midst of a crisis.  Remember that in an emergency situation, anything can happen.  You never know when you may be unable to speak for yourself – but alert jewelry can speak for you.

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