Big or Small, Save Them All: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awarenessOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer awareness month is now celebrating it’s 25th year and the support is continuing to grow. The most recognizable symbol of support is the pink ribbon. The pink ribbon was first given out in 1991 during a Susan G. Komen race in New York City. It was a year later when the NBCAMF (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Foundation) adopted the ribbon as it’s official symbol. Now, you can not only wear a pink ribbon to show your support, but you can also purchase items from kitchen appliances to clothing as well as office supplies and medical jewelry that use the color pink in the design to show support.

Here are a few ways that you can show support for breast cancer awareness.

    1. Start by participating in walks/runs that take place all over the country during the month of October.
    2. Make a donation to a local breast cancer awareness chapter or support a walker/runner.
    3. Look into having the company you work for provide education programs, instruction of self breast examinations or work with a local mammogram company to provide after work hours availability to have a mammogram appointment.
    4. Schedule a mammogram appointment to be the same day as some girlfriends and plan a spa day or lunch date.

One of the best ways to show support for breast cancer awareness is to remember that early detection is the best prevention. To figure out which age is right for you to begin your regular mammograms, it is best to talk with your doctor.

It is estimated that only 70-72% of women between the ages of 50 and 74 have a regular mammogram. The American Cancer Society suggests that women should start regular mammograms after age 40, while a recently revised guideline from The United States Preventive Services Task Force suggests that women should start regular mammograms after age 50. Having a company sponsored program may increase this number and help reinforce the importance of breast cancer awareness.

October is a great time to start showing your support for breast cancer awareness, but breast cancer can happen anytime of the year.

It is estimated that over 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. So show your support in a way that feels comfortable for you and your lifestyle. The NBCAMF is a great resource for figuring out the best way to get started. It also has great information for someone who may be at the beginning of their battle with cancer.

Remember that it does not matter whether you purchase a pink product for your kitchen or walk in the next breast cancer awareness event, it is important to remember that your health is important and to take care of yourself.

Always encourage the beautiful women in your life to take care of themselves as well.

If you have breast cancer, or know someone who has courageously battled this cancer, it’s important to wear a medical ID alerting first responders to “lymphedema alert.” Lauren’s Hope offers breast cancer awareness ID styles designed to bring awareness to breast cancer. Take a look at the breast cancer awareness medical ID styles we have to offer.

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