Sugir” Claims It Could Prevent Your Body From Absorbing Sugar”

Your favorite brands of bread and cereal might be getting a makeover.

sugar substituteIt won’t look or taste any different, but a new, all natural sugar substitute called “sugir,” claims it could prevent your body from absorbing about a third of the sugar in the product. The secret is Emulin, a patented, naturally derived formulation of compounds found in fruits, like grapefruits and berries. When added to real sugar, sugir is born – and this is the stuff you might start finding in popular, carb-heavy, brand-name products.

A recent independent study found that by adding Emulin to their diets, a group of overweight individuals were able to lose an average of seven pounds over the course of a month – and they were not asked to change their diet or exercise habits. The study also shows that the dietary supplement does not adversely affect the body, unlike some other diet pills that carry negative side effects.

“By having Emulin in the food supply, we will see a rapid reduction in obesity and diabetes rates,” Dr. Joseph Ahrens, vice-president of ATM Metabolics, says. “Much like what foliate in breads did for birth defect rates, Emulin will be able to do the same for obesity and diabetes rates, which continue to skyrocket in the United States.”

In addition to potentially aiding in the fight against obesity and type 2 diabetes, another independent study performed on diabetic rats showed reductions in glucose levels up to 27 percent, suggesting that Emulin may have potential in the management of type 1 diabetes as well.

ATM Metabolics, the discoverers of Sugir and Emulin, cannot currently reveal which products will soon contain sugir, but Emulin is already being sold online and in GNC stores.
What do you think? Could this new additive truly reduce type 2 diabetes rates as the company expects? When coupled with prescribed diabetes medications, do you think Emulin could actually lower glucose levels in people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Would you be willing to try sugir or Emulin? Why or why not?

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