Top Five Reasons Why Kids With ADD and ADHD Need Medical IDs

Top Five Reasons Why Kids With ADD and ADHD Need Medical IDs!

People often think of medical ID jewelry as something that is only necessary for people with serious, chronic illnesses. Really, almost anyone can benefit from wearing a medical ID bracelet, because we never know when we might be injured, involved in an accident, or suffer a sudden medical emergency. These are simply things we cannot plan for, and having some form of medical ID jewelry makes it easier and faster for first responders to identify us, treat us, and alert our loved ones.

In particular, kids really benefit from wearing medical ID necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or charms. After all, kids don’t carry Driver’s Licenses or other types of formal ID! By wearing a piece of medical ID jewelry as an ICE ID (In Case of Emergency), the people helping your child in an emergency will always be able to call you and/or other emergency contacts immediately instead of having to wait until your child is otherwise identified and your number is located.

When kids are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, we highly recommend medical ID jewelry as a true necessity. Kids with ADD or ADHD:

1. Are often on daily medication, and you can help avoid potential drug interactions in the ER by listing your child’s drugs and dosages on his or her medical ID jewelry.

2. Tend to be forgetful at times, and this means they’re less likely than most kids to remember your phone number or address under the stress of an emergency situation. They’re also, as with most kids, unlikely to be able to recite their medication(s), dosage(s), and any allergies.

3. Sometimes exhibit lower levels of danger awareness or be hyperactive (engaging in lots of climbing and running), which puts them at a higher risk of injury, in which case a medical ID bracelet will be highly beneficial.

4. Often have difficulty paying attention. This makes it easier for kids with ADD/ADHD to get lost, and under that stress, younger kids especially may not be able to recall emergency contact information.

5. Seem to lose things more often than their peers. They get home from school without backpacks or jackets on a regular basis. So, while some kids can reliably carry a backpack or jacket with a parent’s contact information inside it, kids with ADD or ADHD may forget those items or simply forget the information is in there.

How do you help your child manage his or her ADD/ADHD? Do you take extra precautions for his or her safety?

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