Heart Stents and Medical IDs Protect Heart Patients!

Heart Stent

What Is A Heart Stent?

The heart stent was introduced for treatment of coronary artery disease in 1986, and it has been used in the US since 1994. These expandable tubes are inserted into weak or narrow arteries in patients suffering from coronary heart disease.

Heart stents, sometimes called cardiac stents or coronary stents, are typically made of metal mesh and are inserted during angioplasty or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). There are risks involved with heart stents, however, including a significant risk of a blood clot forming in the stent, causing the artery to narrow again or block entirely.

Why Do I Need Heart Disease Medical ID Jewelry?

Having a heart stent means that you have serious heart disease, and that is something that emergency medical personnel need to know immediately. If you are unable to advocate for yourself, your medical ID necklace or bracelet can impart that and other information for you:

  • Heart stents carry a significant risk of blood clots, which can cause the artery to narrow back down or become blocked entirely. If this happens, those treating you will be better able to diagnose and assist you at a time when seconds count.
  • Coronado medical ID bracelet
    People with heart stents typically work to prevent blood clots by taking blood-thinning medications. Although these medicines are essential, they also decrease your body’s ability to clot your blood if you are injured, which is extremely dangerous in the event of a major accident. EMTs will need to know that you are on blood thinners immediately so they can pay careful attention to any potential blood loss.
  • Having a heart stent may mean you cannot have an MRI. Medical ID jewelry can let hospital personnel know that an MRI could cause you far more harm than good, so they need to research your particular stent before proceeding to determine if you may be scanned safely.
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