Rose Gold Medical Alert Jewelry: Always On Trend

Rose Gold Charming Medical Alert Bracelet

Rose gold. There’s something so refined, simple, and elegant about it. Rose gold can be dressed up or down, goes from day to evening, and really goes with just about everything. It’s the Little Black Dress of medical alert jewelry.

At Lauren’s Hope, we carry several gorgeous rose gold medical alert bracelets and even a medical ID plaque in a rose gold tone finish. Sometimes we’re asked why we carry these products in a rose gold tone finish rather than in pure rose gold. There are several reasons:

  • Rose gold tone rolo bracelet
    Gold bracelets are simply more expensive than stainless steel. By offering stainless steel medical alert bracelets with a rose gold tone finish, we can make them much more affordable.
  • Gold is a soft metal. For necklaces, it’s really not an issue. But when you wear a gold bracelet all day every day, it gets bumped around quite a bit, which causes dents, dings, scratches, and scuffs that detract from the beauty of your jewelry. With stainless steel beneath a rose gold tone coating, we eliminate those problems, and that helps keep your medical alert jewelry looking great month after month.
  • Many of our customers are allergic to gold, but they’re not allergic to stainless steel or the hypoallergenic finish we use to produce the gold tone. This way, even people with gold allergies can enjoy the beauty of a rose gold tone piece of jewelry!

Rose gold simply never goes out of style. Whether you’re looking for an interchangeable medical alert bracelet strand or a traditional-style medical ID bracelet, or even a new medical ID plaque, Lauren’s Hope has gorgeous rose gold medical IDs for women, men, and girls.

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