Having A Pacemaker Means You Need Medical ID Jewelry!


Pacemakers are small devices that are implanted under the skin near the heart. They can be implanted permanently or temporarily, and they function by monitoring your heartbeat and using electrical signals to make adjustments if your heart is not beating properly. People suffering from arrhythmia and/or heart failure may receive pacemakers to regulate their heartbeats.

Pacemakers are not considered particularly dangerous implants, but there are some risks associated with these devices:

  1. Surgical site infection
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  2. Allergic reaction to materials or medications used during surgery
  3. Damage to localized nerves and blood vessels
  4. Collapsed lungs
  5. Heart muscle puncture

Additionally, people with pacemakers must be very aware of their surroundings, as some power tools, household appliances, and forms of mechanical equipment may interfere with proper function of your pacemaker. In medical settings, it is always important to let physicians and medical staff know about your pacemaker, as some machinery and medical equipment can interfere with its function. For example, in general, people with pacemakers cannot have MRIs. There are exceptions, but these are not standard. It follows, of course, that for people with pacemakers, medical ID necklaces or bracelets are a necessity. They help ensure that, in emergency situations, all medical personnel are immediately aware that you have a pacemaker so they can provide appropriate, safe assistance.

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