Onespot Allergy’s Top Ten Allergy Safety Tips for Halloween

Allergy safety is always a serious issue. At Halloween, however, it’s particularly important to keep allergy safety in mind, as it is very easy for kids with food allergies to be accidentally exposed to unsafe foods. Today, we bring you some Halloween safety tips from our friends at Onespot Allergy in the hopes that your little ones experience only the fun, safe kind of “scares” this Halloween. And remember, even (and especially) in a Halloween costume, it’s imperative that kids with food allergies always carry their medications and wear their medical alert jewelry.

Epipen and medical alert bracelet

Onespot™Allergy’s Top Ten Tips For A Safe Halloween

Epipen belt
When Trick or Treating:

1. Have emergency medication (EpiPen or Auvi-Q) in a medication belt to be worn by your child or at all times.

2. Consider walking along with your child.

3. If your child goes trick or treating without you, make sure he or she has access to a cell phone or a two-way radio.

4. Make sure your child doesn’t sample food along the way. Consider carrying the bag for a small child or sending along a bag of safe treats if you think your child can’t resist that urge.

5. Let your child accept what’s given to him or her.

6. Have a special supply of safe treats at home. Sit down with your child and remove unsafe treats, and swap them for the safe treats you provide. Since miniature versions of candies and chocolate bars may contain different ingredients than full sized versions, be sure to read the label every time.

In The Classroom:


7. Check with your child’s teacher well in advance to find out class plans.

8. Offer to provide allergy-friendly treats or non-food treats like glow sticks for the whole class to enjoy.

9. If possible, volunteer at the classroom party.

10. Ensure your training in anaphylaxis first aid, the care to be given from the start of the reaction until arrival at the hospital, is up to date.

How do you help safeguard your child(ren) against food allergen exposure at Halloween and throughout the holiday season? We want to hear from you


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