Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergy Medical Alerts

While Celiac Disease and gluten allergies are different, both conditions require people to avoid gluten in any form, and doing that is much easier said than done. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein, and in addition to being present in all sorts of foods, it is used in innumerable health and personal care items, such as lotions, makeup, and toothpaste. In fact, gluten is often found in medications.

“…products such as prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements can contain traces of gluten…Oral medications in the form of tablets and capsules are a potential source of gluten contamination.”

Celiac Disease Foundation

Do I Need a Gluten Allergy or Celiac Medical Alert Bracelet?

Woman wearing rose gold medical alert bracelet for Celiac Disease

With so much risk of exposure, it makes sense to wear a Celiac Disease bracelet or gluten allergy bracelet, depending on your particular need:

  • In an emergency, first responders need to avoid gluten-containing medications whether you have a gluten allergy or Celiac Disease. 
  • Like all food allergies, a gluten allergy reaction can range from mild — such as itching or hives — to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. This means EMTs and friendly bystanders need immediate access to your medical information, via your med ID, when every second counts.

What Should I Engrave on My Celiac Medical Bracelet?

A Celiac Disease medical alert bracelet engraving should be as succinct as possible. It is always a good idea to include:

  • Your name
  • Your medical conditions and treatment restrictions (EG: “Celiac – No Gluten”)
  • Any other conditions or allergies
  • Medications
  • Emergency contact information

What Should I Engrave on My Gluten Allergy Bracelet?

A gluten allergy medical alert bracelet should be engraved just like any other food allergy medical ID. If you have multiple food allergies, it may help to learn a bit more about what people engrave on food allergy alerts.

For a gluten allergy alert necklace or bracelet, people typically engrave:

  • Full name
  • All known allergens and conditions
  • When/whether to give Benadryl or Epinephrine
  • When/whether to call 911
  • Emergency contact number(s)

What Type of Medical ID Should I Buy?

When you’re shopping for a Celiac alert bracelet or gluten allergy alert, the good news is, the bracelet or necklace you buy is entirely up to you! Because all of our medical IDs are custom engraved, you can simply choose the style you like, and we will customize it with your personal information.

Some of our most popular options include:

Women’s Interchangeable “Mix & Match” Medical IDs

Looking for more information on food allergy or Celiac disease medical IDs? Check out our resource pages here.

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