Do I Need A Gastric Sleeve Medical ID Bracelet?

Should gastric bypass patients wear medical alert bracelets?

Medical alert bracelets are beneficial for people whose diagnoses or medical histories can create emergency situations and for people who have conditions or treatment restrictions that EMTs and first responders need to know about in an emergency.  If you’ve had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, you fall into both categories.

3 Reasons Gastric Bypass Patients Should Wear a Medical Alert

1. Alert medical staff that you should not have a “blind” NG tube inserted. Weight loss surgeries alter your anatomy, which generally creates treatment restrictions in emergency situations. For instance, gastric bypass patients typically cannot have Blind NG Tubes placed but must instead be intubated using a lighted scope. This is why people engrave, “NO BLIND NG” on their gastric bypass and gastric sleeve medical alert jewelry.

The most common engraved information that is needed to alert first responders to this is simply: NO BLIND NG TUBE or NO GASTRIC TUBE

2. After gastric bypass surgery, excess sugar intake can create a risk of Dumping Syndrome. Because this can result in a medical emergency after your gastric bypass surgery, you’ll want to have it noted on your medical alert bracelet in the event that you can’t communicate clearly.

The most common engraved information that is needed to alert first responders to this is: NO SUGARS

3.  Your gastric bypass medical ID should identify issues with NSAIDs.  After gastric bypass surgery, doctors may advise you to stay away from Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, which are common pain relievers, due to the irritation they can cause to the pouch over prolonged usage.

The most common engraved information that is needed to alert medical personnel of your sensitivity to NSAIDs on your gastric bypass medical ID bracelet is simply: NO NSAIDS

What should I engrave on my medical alert if I’ve had gastric bypass surgery?

A gastric bypass or gastric sleeve medical ID bracelet is typically engraved with the following information. For example:

ICE 800-360-8680

Adjustable and comfortable medical ID cuffs

Many people with gastric sleeves do carry medical ID wallet cards, which we recommend. However, wallets are easily lost in the fray of an accident, so having a custom-engraved gastric sleeve medical ID bracelet or necklace is the safest option.

Still losing weight from your gastric sleeve surgery? Consider a medical ID cuff, which is easy to adjust with just a squeeze! If you opt for an interchangeable style, please note that we always offer one free resizing in the first six months you own your medical ID bracelet. You’ll always have a great-looking, properly fitting medical ID bracelet when you shop with Lauren’s Hope!

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