FAQ: Beyond What To Engrave On Your Medical ID

If you’re wondering what to engrave on your medical ID, we have you covered. Click over here for some great examples and information.

Looking for some other engraving-related answers? You’re in the right spot!

Here are our Top 5 (Not-What-To-Engrave) Engraving Questions

What’s the difference between the types of engraving?

Silver medical ID filigree cuff with red medical symbol with custom laser engraving

Most of our custom-engravable medical ID bracelets and necklaces allow for two different types of engraving. The first is called rotary, etched, or traditional engraving. This tone-on-tone engraving style is easiest to read in well-lit areas. Your lettering is etched into the metal without any contrast. This makes for a more discreet engraving. The second option is our premium laser engraving, also called “color fill” engraving. With this option, your lettering is actually burned onto the metal, resulting in bold, dark brown or black lettering that provides contrast against the metal, aiding in ease of reading even in low light.

Gold medical ID bracelet and cuff with white symbol and custom laser engraving

What if I want to add color fill to an etched engraving or change my engraving?

Our traditional rotary (etched) engraving and our premium laser (color fill) engravings are done using completely different machines and processes. It is not possible to add contrast color to an etched engraving, nor can we wipe clean an engraving and replace it with different information or a different type of engraving. If you’ve made an error on an engraved piece of medical ID jewelry, please email or call our customer service team at info@laurenshope.com or 800.360.8680. We’re always glad to help.

What if I need to update my engraving?

If your engraving information becomes outdated, you’ll need to order a new medical ID tag. However, if your medical ID bracelet is one of our interchangeable designs with lobster clasps at both ends of the bracelet strand, you can keep your existing bracelet and simply purchase a new ID tag.

Why is my engraving in all caps?

Engraving in all caps typically provides for larger letters and ease of reading, so it is our standard method. If you have a concern about the capitalization of your engraving, please use the Special Instructions field in your order or contact us for personal assistance at  info@laurenshope.com or 800.360.8680.

Young girl showing custom laser engraving on medical ID tag

Do you have my old engraving information?

If you’ve ordered with us in the past, we have your old engraving information. If you have a user account, you can access this information yourself. Please note that having made a purchase and/or being on our email list are not the same as having a user account, which requires that you set up an email address and password with us. If you don’t have an account, can’t access it, or just aren’t sure, don’t worry! We’re here to help. We keep your engraving and size information on file so you don’t have to.

Still have questions? Check out our article on What to Engrave On My Medical ID as well as our handy lists of commonly engraved abbreviations and medication names. And of course, feel free to leave a comment here or email us at info@laurenshope.com for help anytime.

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