Giving Back: Supporting Our Local Type 1 Diabetes Community

maui_ksPieces.jpgFifteen years ago, a teenage girl with Type 1 Diabetes inspired the design of the very first stylish, interchangeable medical ID bracelet. That was Lauren. And that first little group of bracelets she received as a gift from her mom’s friend was the beginning of Lauren’s Hope.

Today, we carry hundreds of medical ID jewelry styles for men, women, and kids with all manner of medical conditions all over the world. But in the beginning, we started with Type 1. That’s one of the many reasons why the Type 1 Diabetes community is so dear to us as a team and why giving back to Type 1 organizations nationwide is so core to who we are as a company. As we get into Diabetes Awareness Month, we hope you’ll join us in supporting the Type 1 community, not only today, but all year long.

IMG_9201.jpgOne super fun way to support the Type 1 community is to make it a party! Last month, we teamed up with our local Kendra Scott store, down on the Plaza here in Kansas City. Every Kendra Scott store has an Events Manager who handles their Kendra Gives Back events. We teamed up with our local store to coordinate a Kendra Gives Back Night in support of the wonderful folks over at Kids With Courage, a local Type 1 Diabetes organization supporting kids and families living with Type 1 in the greater Kansas City area.


Kids With Courage donates Crates Full of Courage, which are provided free at Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital when diana_ksPieces.jpgkids from infancy through age 18 are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. These incredible crates provide much-needed resources, information, comfort, and support for families working to find their footing and a new normal after such a life-changing diagnosis. Lauren’s Hope is the preferred medical ID jewelry provider for KWC, and we have provided free temporary medical IDs for every Crate since 2014.




The Lauren’s Hope team headed out en masse for this super fun event, shopped until we dropped, and had a terrific time with our friends from KWC, their constituents and board members, and the wonderful ladies at our local Kendra Scott store. We stacked Lauren’s Hope bling with Kendra Scott baubles for a glam night that truly did some good. A full 20% off all the proceeds from the evening went to support Kids With Courage. Is there a Type 1 organization close to your heart? A Kendra Scott store close to your home? Connect them and set up your own amazing evening of shopping, fun, awareness, and support!

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