How Do I Choose A Medical ID For A Child?

Choosing a medical ID bracelet or necklace for yourself is a matter of selecting the type and style you like and determining what to engrave. But choosing a medical ID bracelet or necklace for a child is a little bit different. Here are a few tips to help you find the best medical alert bracelet for kids.

  1. Julia-laser-engraving.jpgSometimes you want it to stand out. As they get older, most typical children prefer less obtrusive medical ID bracelets and necklaces that they find stylish or discreet. However, when children are unable to self-advocate due to their age or condition, that’s when bolder, more obvious medical ID jewelry serves their needs better. For example, a brightly colored, obvious medical ID bracelet or necklace not only serves as a source of information in an emergency, but it can also serve as a constant visual reminder to nearby adults that this child has a medical condition to consider.
  2. Interchangeable medical ID bracelets save you money. Kids grow. And their tastes change. And sometimes their medical information changes. That’s why interchangeable medical ID bracelets for kids are a terrific option. Need to send a bracelet in for a resize? When your child wears interchangeable medical ID bracelets, you simply move his medical ID tag to a second bracelet strand while we add those extra links or length. Is her medical ID, “So last year, Mom”? No need to buy a new medical ID tag. Just pick up a new bracelet strand and move the ID tag over to the new style. Did your cell number or her condition information change? Keep all of her existing medical ID bracelet strands while just buying a new medical ID tag with her current information.
  3. mood-bead-julia.jpgLet them pick. We consistently hear from parents who tell us how much more compliant their kids are in wearing medical ID jewelry when they’ve had a choice in the matter. And often, the parents are surprised at which styles their kids choose! When kids find styles they really like, building the habit of wearing a medical ID every day is much easier, and that pro-active safety step is something that can have lifelong benefits. That’s why we keep coming out with fun new medical IDs for kids! And because they’re all custom engravable, any medical ID bracelet your child chooses works just as well as an allergy alert as it does when used as a diabetes bracelet! Custom engraving means every ID works for your kid.


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