June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. And here at Lauren’s Hope, while we treat every month like safety month, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look for ways to increase your home safety and workplace safety, not only for you, but for the safety of your loved ones as well.

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Injuries are a leading cause of disability for people of all ages, but there are many ways to prevent these types of injuries. Maintaining a clutter-free workplace can help prevent tripping hazards and increase workplace safety. Follow these safety ideas to help prevent tripping hazards for better workplace safety:

  • Use non-skid rugs and be sure they’re taped down
  • Make sure electrical cords are secured away from high traffic areas
  • Clean up any spills quickly
  • Don’t carry too much in order to maintain your balance
  • Light your workspace so any tripping hazards can be readily seen

Among older adults, falls can be particularly scary, and the most dangerous place can be right in your own home. Slippery floors and surfaces can be problematic, but these safety tips can help keep you safer at home:

  • Place a non-slip mat on the inside of your tub, as well as on the outside
  • Make the entrance to your shower or tub accessible by getting a bath step or a walk-in tub
  • Make sure your bathroom door swings outward in case of a fall
  • Add a hand-held shower nozzle
  • Plug in nightlights near and in the bathroom for better visibility at nighttime
  • Choose liquid soap or soap on a rope over slippery bar soap

An important way to stay safe year round is to always wear a medical ID. In the event of a fall or accident, your medical ID can advocate for you so first responders know how to treat you quickly and accurately. For those who are susceptible to injuries in the bathroom, home safety is a priority, so water-resistant medical IDs like stainless steel styles are a great option because they can be worn in the shower or bath.

For those who are concerned about workplace safety, wearing a medical ID that suits your workplace is critical. Choosing what medical ID is right for you heavily depends on your workplace and the type of machinery you use. For those in an office environment, we offer beaded medical ID bracelets, as well as linked medical ID bracelets that are suited for a business setting.

When a medical ID isn’t an option because of your work environment, it’s important to make sure your manager, foreman, or co-workers are aware of any health issues you might have. In this case, carrying a medical ID wallet card can also be a great option to help first responders treat you quicker and more efficiently.

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