#momentofhope Thursday: Kayla

Each #momentofhope is an impactful story from real people talking about their Lauren’s Hope medical ID. This week, Kayla shares her ‪#‎momentofhope‬:

Kayla Kidwell - Woman wearing pink shirt and smiling with medical ID bracelet

My name is Kayla Kidwell and I wear a Medical ID Bracelet from Lauren’s Hope because I have Epilepsy, along with being Hearing and Vision Impaired. I got my first Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet as a graduation present from my grandma when I graduated from high school in 2010. Before I found Lauren’s Hope, All through elementary, middle, and high school, I never wore medical identification for my Epilepsy, because I thought it was ugly. Once I found Lauren’s Hope, I was in love. I had no idea that there were SO many stylish options. I have a bracelet to match whatever outfit I want to wear, and get frequent compliments! My Medical ID Bracelet was actually put to use for the first time in September, when I was taken to the ER by ambulance, because I couldn’t walk. I live independently, and wearing a Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet daily gives me piece of mind that if I were to have a seizure out in public, I have all my medical information at the flip of my wrist. I never thought wearing a medical ID bracelet could be something that would make me happy, and something that I want to wear, but with Lauren’s Hope, that’s just what it is: Something that is just part of my daily routine. With all the stylish options, I look forward to putting on my medical ID bracelet in the morning. Thanks Lauren’s Hope for the stylish options, piece of mind, and making having Epilepsy just a little more fun. – Love, Kayla”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kayla! 

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