STORY OF HOPE | Amshi’s Story

Amshi’s Story

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes on December 17, 2011. That’s the day that changed my life forever.

I remember coming home for Christmas break while I was in college, and I was complaining to my mom, like “mom there’s something wrong with my body. I don’t know what it is, but something is different and it’s not feeling right.” She made me an appointment to go check out a gynecologist, and once I visited the doctor, I did a urine sample. She immediately said you need to be rushed to the emergency room. You have too much sugar in your urine.

Amshi's Story |Amshi sitting on steps wearing key west cuff and shania medical id wrap

And at that point I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t know what to do, but I did go to the ER and they did confirm that I had type one diabetes.

So the first few months were definitely a struggle. Being away from home, being a freshman in college without your parents, and then all of a sudden being given this new disease; it was just too much new for me.

At that moment, I had to decide whether I was going to let diabetes define me, or was I going to take control of my own life.

Life’s a balance, you guys. You can go out and party with your friends, have that glass of wine, you can eat that cheesy pizza, but how are you going to recover from the highs and lows?

So it’s been almost seven years since I was diagnosed and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I started a blog called Living Diabetter, just to educate those who have type one diabetes and those who are unfamiliar with the disease. On my blog, I talk about eating healthy, I talk about exercising, and I talk about how to cope with the highs and lows of diabetes.

Life’s a balance, you guys. You can go out and party with your friends, have that glass of wine, you can eat that cheesy pizza, but how are you going to recover from the highs and lows? Are you going to let type one diabetes dictate your life? My answer is no. Which is why I exercise daily, I eat healthy when I want to, but like I said, life’s a balance.

Amshi's Story |Amshi exercising with key west cuff and shania medical id wrap caduceus forward

So why do I wear a medical id bracelet? Just in case an emergency happens at work, at the gym, you might have a low or a high. People around you need to know what to do in case of an emergency.

And why do I wear Lauren’s Hope Medical ID bracelets? Because they’re trendy and fashionable and they can go with any outfit. I’m telling you, this doesn’t even look like a medical id bracelet and I wear it every day.

Learn more about Amshi (Living Diabetter) and her journey by following her on her blog: or following her on her instagram: @livingdiabetter.

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  • A diabetic, type 1, for 60 years, I always thoughtI didn’t need one of these lovely bracelets since I always could feel when blood sugaar was low. But, I was fooled, After 37 years of no problems, my diabetes changed – big time. No warning symptoms, or at the very least very minimal signs. At a meeting, driving(!!!), shopping and even at home, by the Grace of God, I’d come around to find my self on the floor or ‘wake up’ to find the emergency squad pummping sugar solution ino my vein. So, now another big change – something diabetics must learn to expect in order to stay ‘on top’ of the diabetes. I think wearing this braceelet will gatther attention so that others will know that when action on the behalf of those wearing the bracelet is needed.

    • Mary – thank you so much for your comment! We are so glad you keep yourself safe by wearing a med ID. We are even happier to hear that you wear a Lauren’s Hope med ID! We hope you feel confident and secure with that added layer of protection on your wrist.