What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, often referred to as MS, is a disease of the central nervous system. Chronic and quite often disabling, MS varies in severity and rate of progress, and different patients experience varying symptoms from a set group. While multiple sclerosis has an immune system component in that the immune system attacks the central nervous system, it is not technically considered an autoimmune disease, although newer research may change that with time.

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Mild symptoms include numbness in the arms, legs, hands, and feet, while severe symptoms can include blindness and paralysis. Which symptoms a person will develop, whether a person’s MS will progress from mild to severe, and how fast that will happen, all vary by patient and are extremely difficult to predict.

Close to my heart medical alert necklace

As with any chronic, potentially disabling disease, for people who have multiple sclerosis, medical ID necklaces and bracelets are a layer of protection they can wear daily. First responders and emergency room physicians always want to know a patient’s baseline in order to provide appropriate, immediate treatment, and MS is a significant factor for them to consider in assisting you. Additionally, people with MS are often on multiple medications. Medical ID jewelry with your medications listed or simply, “multiple meds / see wallet card”  (Download a FREE Lauren’s Hope Wallet Card here!), lets EMTs and ER personnel know that they need to be extra careful to prevent accidental drug interactions.

Has your multiple sclerosis medical ID bracelet helped you? We want to hear from you! Write in, and tell us about it! For more information about MS, visit the National MS Society’s website, where you’ll find links to your local chapter and can find out about upcoming fundraising and awareness-raising events such as runs, walks, and bike rides.

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