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Lauren's Hope Customer Testimonials

"Lauren's Hope has an incredible selection of medical ID jewelry... It's all so beautiful. But the best thing about them is that their customers are more than just customers to them, and I know this from personal experience!"

Karen Hanson, Pendleton, OR

"Our daughter, Evie, has two of your necklaces and loves them. She gets compliments on them all the time. It is so nice to have a medical alert for her Type 1 Diabetes that is cute and fashionable and also sturdy. She leaves her necklace on all of the time so we don't have to remember to put it back on."

Jenna Schmitz Abingdon, MD

"I found Lauren's Hope online when I was looking for waterproof medical bracelets. Lauren's Hope had the best selection and prices by far. I've purchased two bracelets so far ... and have a wish list of about four more I want!"

Sherry Rosenkranz, Clarkston, MI

"It feels like Arden has been getting her jewelry from Lauren's Hope forever. Their great quality and unique designs keep us coming back and the people who make up the company are simply the best. Great group, huge hearts and jewelry you will be proud to wear – can't ask for more."

-Scott Benner

"I just wanted to reach out to you all at Laurens Hope and thank you... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 3 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy which required her to wear a medical id bracelet all the time. I searched everywhere and found you. It was so refreshing that I was able to get her cute and cool and fun bracelets for her as she is a very stylish little kid. You filled a real need. A need for kids to proudly wear their medical bracelets and not hide or be ashamed of having to wear a plain old metal one. So Thank You!

And if that was not enough, I wanted to thank you for what your bracelets have done indirectly. They are so cool, so cute, so interesting that my little one (who is now about to turn 7) that everyone always notices them and asks about them and what does that lead to? Education. Your bracelets are helping to educate the new generation to be understanding that see that a disease does not define you. I witness it all the time but today was truly touched when I saw some little girls come up to my daughter to check out her bracelet and saw it had a tag with writing. They asked my daughter about it and she said, 'I wear it everyday because I have epilepsy, that means I have seizures so I wear this everyday.' They asked her a few questions and then went on to play. It dawned on me at that moment that I needed to write to you all and thank you so much."

-Cristina Mendez

"Lauren's Hope gave me the one thing I was looking for in a medic alert bracelet: beauty. I really am looking forward to buying another bracelet soon."

-Robin Watkins

"The reason why I love Lauren's Hope is because at first glance, you can't tell that the bracelets are medical. I used to not wear I used to not wear one for my Epilepsy because I thought all bracelets were ugly. Not so with Lauren's Hope- I have a bracelet to match every outfit! Now, I proudly own 3 of your beautiful Medical ID Bracelets and never go a day without wearing one. We get compliments on them all the time.Most people are shocked to find out that the bracelets are medical. I love how you can see the beautiful bracelet and not theMedical tag. I feel confident wearing my Medical ID Bracelets, knowing that they're beautiful, and people won't ask questions about my bracelet. Thanks again. I look forward to ordering from you in the future."

-Kayla Kidwell

"Everywhere I go I get compliments on my bracelets, and I give out the Lauren’s Hope website address to so many people. Just because we have to wear medical jewelry does not mean we still do not want to be fashionable, and Lauren’s hope addresses that like no other medical jewelry company, and trust me I scoured the Internet before I bought my first bracelet. Nothing compared to Lauren’s Hope."

-Melissa Gilliam

"It does help when people wear medical ID jewelry. It may immediately alert responders to any medication or environmental allergies the person has so allergens can potentially be avoided and a reason for a medical emergency can be considered or ruled out. They also sometimes alert us to certain medical conditions - such as diabetes... I actually wish more people wore medical identification [because] such accessories are a huge time-saver with regards to obtaining important information about a patient."

-Chelsea "Wolfee" Kowalkowski

"I went on several different sites, and so many of them were just so ‘blah.' Then I found the Lauren's Hope site and fell in love with the different styles and the quality of the bracelets. It has been hard to order just one."

-Kathi Roberts

"I really just want to share briefly how Lauren’s Hope bracelets have helped me and other persons with diabetes. I have lived with diabetes for about 32 years now, and have seen many technological changes. Most of these changes have been from big and cumbersome to much smaller and easier to use. Glucose monitors are a good example. I remember as a child not wearing any id cause they didn’t have such a thing and then they were not so nice looking when they did appear on the market.

I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator and I have noticed through the years that when I speak to groups of persons with diabetes, I am amazed at how many diabetics do not wear medical identification. My story lies with the group of kids that I work with who have Type 1 diabetes. When I show the young girls my medical id that contains the “mood” stones and they place their little hands upon it and watch it change colors they are fascinated and always desire to wear a bracelet just like mine. The parents are delighted.They don’t even know it is a medical ID.

When I teach our group Type 2 class and I am flailing my arms through the air (which I do when I talk) and then ask several hours later, did any of you notice my medical id. Most of them say they thought it was just a bracelet and then I get to tell my stories. Both women and men are delighted that the medical id’s are not big and ugly and always choose to pick up a flier and I hope purchase an id. They now understand that the EMT’s will look at arms, legs and neck and perhaps save a life.

So that is my story. I love the fact that you have provided “cool” looking medical Id’s and I get to share them with the young and old alike. Thanks."

-Tish Wright MS, RD, LD, CDE

"On January 9, 2009 our lives changed. Our 6 year old daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We spent five very long days in the hospital, learning to care for her.

It was a shock to our family and to her. We left the hospital as different people, now coping with a lifelong chronic illness. There was so much to absorb in those early days of diagnosis. I had to learn so much about insulin, carbohydrates, carb counting, dosing and syringes. It was enlightening and also scary. I knew no one who had a child this young with Type 1 diabetes. As I spoke with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, they all would mention that Grace should wear a medical alert bracelet of some kind now. Among all the things I now had to do, I added this to my list.

I went on line. I would show Grace the bracelet and she would respond ‘It looks like a boy’s bracelet.” or “That’s not pretty, like a girl would wear.” She was still 6 years old. She wanted something pretty that would sparkle. As I searched, I happened onto and lo and behold, there, right there, on their web page, they had sparkly bracelets. I scanned through to find the pinkest one I could find, ‘Carole’s Choice’ and I showed it to Grace. Her face lit up. ‘That, Mama, THAT’S a girl’s bracelet. That’s the one I want.” I ordered it right then and there, from the hospital room.

Grace is now the proud owner of three Lauren’s Hope bracelets. She wears them every day. She adores how they sparkle and look ‘girlie.’ As her mother, I wanted a bracelet that was a medical ID for her and also was something that she wanted to wear. I found it at Lauren’s Hope. It gives me great pleasure to know I have found something that she willingly and proudly wears.

I have found strength from others in this last year with Type 1. Friends and support on line that I would never have known have surfaced in our lives. People are good. It will all be OK. We will carry on with this chronic illness. I will raise a child with diabetes, not a diabetic child. The Lauren’s Hope bracelet reminds me that while she has Type 1, she never stops being a little girl, who wants things."


"I have been a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) in the state of Georgia for the past 15 years. I have placed your brochures in our diabetes classroom as well as given to children who attended our diabetes camp each summer.

Little did I know that my own 11 year old daughter would be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three weeks ago during the Thanksgiving holiday. Although traumatic for her mother and father, she is doing well with this experience.

She really enjoyed looking through your web store and choosing her medical ID bracelet and was very excited when it came in the mail last week.

As a diabetes educator, I always thought it was good to give individuals a choice when it came to selecting a Medical ID bracelet, but as a mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes, I am extremely grateful that my daughter has a medical ID bracelet that is not only functional but that she enjoys wearing. Thank you."

-Sheila Holcomb, RD, LD, CDE

"I am so very blessed and grateful for still being a healthy 52 yr. old Diabetic. Thank you all for giving me the hope to go on each and everyday!"

-Susan J

"I have been an EMT for 20 years andI can personally attest to how important it is to have amedical ID. Several times ID bracelets have helped me save people's lives. When I came across Lauren's hope I was so excited! I have not only bought myself several bracelets, but I have also bought several medical ID's for friends. In fact, a fellow EMT one day noticed my bracelet and was amazed when I showed him it was an ID bracelet.

He ended up buying one for his daughter and passed along the information to his neighbor who had atoddler with a food allergy. I cannot thank you enough for your site, from a personal and professional aspect."


"Our daughter Sarah is 11. She has several health issues and one is quite unusual. She does not have the ability to control her body temperature.

She does not sweat and can over-heat easily... and living in Texas... summer can be hot!! The ID tags allow me to put all 5 health issues on them and my phone number... it is so wonderful! It gives my daughter and I peace of mind when we are separated knowing that anyone can look at her bracelet or necklace and know what could be wrong. She has several dog tag style IDs and several bracelets so she can switch out to match outfits (she is never hesitant to wear them because they are stylish). I tell everyone I meet that haskids with health issues about Lauren's Hope... it is a wonderful product you all have come up with."


"I ordered a combination set recently, then approximately 1-1/2 weeks I fell in the bathroom and broke my arm in 2 places and damaged the joint, and I was really grateful your site had been shared by a friend. I have a complicated medical history and was so happy with the timing of the purchase. The ambulance service arrived and I was in so much pain thatI was hardly able to speak my name. Your bracelet was a real bright spot in a very painful situation, but the bracelet was so helpful, and the ambulance drivers made certain they had your address before leaving me.

They thought the quality and beauty were outstanding and they would be sharing your address and contact information with many people who would appreciate looking at your card. I did not believe the Grace I was blessed with and really wanted to share my good fortune with as many as I could, and tell you how happy you were there with me, right by my side."

-Fran Smith

"Being fortunate enough to have my medical condition under control is one thing to be happy about; being safe is another; but being safe with style - well that's icing on the cake!

I am a VP Shunt patient with an out of state doctor; I was told a medical ID bracelet was a must have. Being only 40 years old, having an ID bracelet was not something I was excited about or had ever had to deal with before.

Going online, I saw a variety of places to get the a-typical 'chain link fence' medical ID bracelet. Then I happened upon some prettier versions, but the websites and the companies behind the websites didn't provide me much confidence in what I was ordering nor the quality of the bracelet I was receiving. Not one of those companies had information or websites that gave the impression that any of these companies were in business for the long haul anyway or anticipated having repeat customers.

Then, I found Lauren's Hope. I found a tv news story on You Tube, and I ventured to your site - well, after that there was no going back to the other sites I'd found. I had been putting ordering a bracelet off and putting it off again, but then I saw a picture of your Butterfly Kisses Medical ID Bracelet and suddenly I knew I had something I could order that fit me perfectly - everyday wearable, not too fancy, something happy looking and with a little sparkly pizazz.

When I received it I was very excited to see how it all looked - a satiny little bag revealed what I had hoped - something functional yet fun! Once on, my medical ID tucked securely beneath my wrist, I hardly noticed the medical part - I was too busy smiling and admiring what had been made just as I ordered. I appreciate the service you and your staff provide, the unique products you create and the craftsmanship and quality of your bracelets. Being fortunate enough to have my medical condition under control is one thing to be happy about; being safe is another; but being safe with style - well that's icing on the cake! Thanks again...I'll be baaaaccck"

-Pam Matthews

"I found this website after I had my second brain surgery. My twin sister and I have a rare disease called CCM1. Only 0.15% to 0.5% of the population has it. We need it for doctors to know what we have and for what medicine we are not at any circumstance allowed to take that would be life threatening.

Our family also revolves around hope because we never know if we will get a brain bleed."

-Bethann Hankin

"I have 2 bracelets from Lauren's Hope and get many compliments on themand have told a lot of other people with my disease about your bracelets & they have ordered. I am 18 years old diagnosed in 2009 with a very rare disease Addison's Disease and it is very hard to find medical alert bracelets with that disease because only 1 in 10,000 get this rare disease.I would wear this with pride and happiness. Thank You Very much."

-Breanna Taylor

"I ABSOLUTELY, LOVE ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS! And would highly recommend them to anyone who is sick and tired of wearing UGLY medical ID jewelry! I have bought a tag and a bracelet over 2 1/2 yrs ago, and sometime last year, swapped it out for a anklet. I LOVE BOTH! I love the fact that you can use one tag, and change it up with different products.

I wear mine ALL THE TIME!!! in the shower, etc, and they hold up just fine, which is odd, because I am really hard on jewelry. Part of my medical condition includes releasing a lot of potassium and salts through my skin, which breaks down most jewelry, very fast!

If you want to know if your jewelry is gold plated, just let me wear it for a week LOL! BecauseI will take the finish right off it : ) That being said...both items, look as good today, as when I first bought them. If I could afford it, I would have one in every color : )

Finally, I just want to say, that your product have made my quality of life, just a bit better. I find it hard to look down and see a big ugly reminder of my illness with the traditional jewelry. These products are fun, and helps me to take my mind off the fact that I am sick, which anyone in the mental health field will tell you is a positive thing. So, win or looe...I am already a winner!"

-Cara Freudenberger

"I saw Lauren on QVC in 2007 and purchased a bracelet (Diabetes) that day.That was almost four years ago and I'm still wearing it.

Looks as good as the day I bought it.It's so comfortable I wear it 24/7 and never realize it's on my arm.

Thank you for providing jewelry with taste, but practical!"

-Lyn Peterson

"I'm currently 8 years out on my cancer survival.I absolutely love my ID bracelets.You all even went the extra milefor me when I lost my favorite one and you duplicated the one that I had lost.That was awesome! Thanks for all you do."


"I have had to wear the traditional, plain silver medical bracelet for many years. I didn’t mind so much as a child but as I grew older, it felt like more of a hassle than anything.

Three years ago, I decided to give up my bracelet thinking that even though I have fatal allergies to certain medications, nothing could or would happen to me.Then one day as I was working as a nurse in a trauma, a patient came in unresponsive and no one could find any allergy information or any family to help us assist the patient.I decided at that moment that I’d better put my bracelet back on but I hated the one that I had.

I searched for hours on line finally stumbling upon the Lauren’s Hope website and what excitement!!I now own three different bracelets and can interchange them at will.I love them so much and constantly receive compliments.I even ordered bracelets for two of my boys who are fatally allergic to peanuts.

I thank you so much for the work that you do and the choices that you have given those of us that need to wear medical bracelets. I can now consider my bracelet as another piece of beautiful jewelry."


"My daughter Hannah hasintractable (uncontrolled) epilepsy, and I am ALWAYS concerned for her safety. It's a given around our home that any loud thump or bump is followed by, "I'm OK!"or someone will go running to check.

We discovered Lauren's Hope from a friend of Hannah's who also has epilepsy.

I can't begin to tell you what a difference I see in Hannah's confidence since she started to wear her bracelet. I thought, "Oh, I'll buy this and she'll wear it for a week." Well, she hasn't taken it off EVER since she got it!!!

She gets so many compliments on it and smiles with pride as she explains about Lauren's Hope. So I thank Lauren and all of her supporters for sharing a gift that touches more lives than you can ever imagine!!!"


"My name is Ariana. I'm 12 and I have type 1 diabetes. At first whenI got itI didn't know what it was. After a whileI started getting depressed a lot. I felt like I was alone. I went to camp and saw all the kids with diabetes andI felt better. After thatI went in DKA about nine times. I just stopped taking my insulin.

When I got my braceletI loved it and realized having diabetes isn't so bad and that it can be fun. Now I am happy becauseI was 1 out of a million chosen to have diabetes andI can help find a cure. So thanks for helping me.

P.S. I love so many of your bracelets and I would order thousands of them."


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