Medical Alert Bracelets for Women
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Medical Alert Bracelets for Women

Explore our selection of medical alert bracelets for women and choose from a variety of styles, metal tones, and materials perfect for your needs. Your medical ID bracelet is custom engraved and sized just for you!

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    Medical Alert Jewelry for Women

    Lauren’s Hope medical bracelets for women are the last word in wellness wear. Available in interchangeable and non-interchangeable styles, our collection of stylish women’s medical alert ID is constantly curated to ensure we always have on-trend looks to complement any outfit, mood, or activity.

    Made by real people in Kansas City for real people everywhere, our handcrafted medical alert bracelets for women are available in cuff, slip-on, magnetic closure, adjustable, link, chain, beaded, or elastic stretch designs, each with their own unique benefits. Many of these types of med IDs are available as Mix and Match Interchangeable medical bracelets for women. These signature Lauren's Hope styles feature lobster clasps at either strand end, allowing you to move your medical ID tag from one bracelet strand to the next with just a click. This way, a single ID tag can support multiple bracelets. Plus, when you need a new medical alert tag, you're able to keep all of your medical alert bracelet strands, as your new tag will pair perfectly with any interchangeable bracelet strands you choose from our collection of medical ID bracelets for women.

    Every Lauren's Hope medical ID tag bears the medical caduceus symbol, which first responders are trained to look for in order to locate your medical information, which we can custom engrave for you. We recommend engraving your medical condition(s), treatment consideration(s), and emergency contact information. Allowing for up to 6 lines of custom engraving, our ID tags are available with standard, tone-on-tone engraving, or our more popular premium laser engraving option, which provides lettering contrast for easier readability.

    People often call ask us, "How do you get a medical alert bracelet?" We're happy to explain how to order a medical alert bracelet online:

    1. Choose the style of medical ID bracelet you prefer. We highly recommend our Mix & Match Interchangeable med ID bracelets because they offer such great savings and flexibility.

    2. From the product page of your desired medical ID bracelet, choose the medical ID tag you'd like to pair with it, and complete the form fields to list your engraving. Choose whether you'd like traditional, tone-on-tone engraving or our more popular premium laser engraving.

    3. Measure your wrist and provide us with a snug, not tight, wrist measurement taken at the narrowest part of your wrist. This is NOT the final end-to-end measurement of the bracelet we will send you. Once we know your wrist size, we will be able to craft a medical alert bracelet designed to fit you comfortably.

    4. Custom-engraved medical alert jewelry is non-refundable, so we ask that you take the time to double check all of your information before ordering.

    Still wondering how to get a medical alert bracelet? Click on the, "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website for one-on-one assistance. We're always glad to help.

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