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Boys' Medical ID Alert Jewelry
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Gray Medical ID Tags for Boys

    Medical ID tags with gray can be plain and simple or colorful and elaborate. At Lauren’s Hope, we have them all! Our 1 ½-inch stainless steel medical ID tags are designed for use with our interchangeable medical ID bracelets, which affix to the tags with lobster clasps at either end. In addition to the standard silver tone, we have all sorts of colors of tags to really make your kids’ bracelets stand out!

    Not sure what to engrave on your child’s tag? Check out this list of common medical abbreviations, and consider consulting with your pediatrician or specialist for advice. Typically, the most important items to engrave are your child’s name, condition(s), current medications, known allergies, and an emergency contact number. If you need further assistance ordering identification tags or fitting in all of your child’s information, give us a call any time at 1.800.360.8680. It’s our pleasure to serve you!
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