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Girls' Medical ID Alert Jewelry
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Red Medical ID Alert Tags for Girls

    red ID Tags For Girls

    Designed for wear with our interchangeable bracelet styles, our red medical ID tags for girls are available for individual purchase as well as being options within each interchangeable bracelet listing. There are two main benefits to choosing interchangeable styles of girls’ IDs. First, your child can move her ID tag from one bracelet strand to the next to suit her mood or activity, without you having to purchase additional ID tags for every bracelet.

    Second, because all of our ID tags for kids are the same size, if you need to update your child’s engraving, you can simply choose from our girls’ tags, and her new med ID tag will pair perfectly with all of her existing med ID bracelets without you needing to replace anything else.

    All of our medical ID tags bear the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol on the front, which is how EMTs and other first responders know to check the back for engraved medical and emergency contact information. We offer discreet, tone-on-tone standard engraving as well as Premium Laser Engraving, which provides contrast for easier readability.

    Looking for medical ID tags for boys? See all of our boys’ tag options here.

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