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My Medical ID Saved My Life

My Medical ID Saved My Life

Wearing custom-engraved medical ID jewelry really can save a life!

Here’s what some of our incredible Lauren’s Hope customers have to say:


T Rogers, Lauren's Hope Customer

My medical ID saved my life! In some circumstances your airway and your voice can be affected. I have just such a case. If my trigger is strong enough it can affect my ability to speak as well as breathe. I own four Lauren's Hope bracelets. I am never not wearing one. On more than one occasion, my ID bracelet has saved my life. Without my information someone may have not known what to do for me.

-T. Rogers
Lauren's Hope Customer

My Lauren's Hope bracelet saved my life two years ago when I had a life threatening event. I was told that the inscription "No blind NG" changed the trauma team's course of treatment. Thanks again for sharing!

-Wendy K.
Lauren's Hope Customer

My Lauren's Hope bracelet saved my life. So I would wear anything from Lauren's Hope. Thanks to Lauren's hope for all the beautiful lifesavers.

-L. Hodgkins
Lauren's Hope Customer

Does your Lauren's Hope medical ID bracelet have a story to tell?

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I have Diabetes, and I have some medical allergies (Latex and Penicillin). If I touch, smell, or or come in contact with either of these, I will die. It is so severe. I have been having medical issues with passing out, and wearing this bracelet has saved me when I am out and an ambulance has to come take me to the hospital. Thank you, you have saved my life more than once.

-D. Fenwick
Lauren's Hope Customer

When I was in a major car accident 5 years ago, my medical I.D. bracelet saved my life because of all my medical issues. I don't go anywhere without it and have it on 24/7.

-D. Niederhauser
Lauren's Hope Customer

I wear my bracelet every day. I am asthmatic and allergic to duoneb treatments. It has saved my life more than once when the fire departments arrive. It also lets the ER doc know that I have spasmodic dysphonia which is a abnormal spasm of the vocal cords. Thank goodness for these beautiful bracelets.

-L. Curtis
Lauren's Hope Customer

Your bracelets/necklaces have saved my life more than a few times now, and I love that when I wear your items, I don't feel "branded" as ill, but can be safe as well as stylish! Thanks for the great products and excellent service... kudos to you!

-T. Johnson
Lauren's Hope Customer

My Lauren’s Hope bracelet has saved my life before during an asthma attack, and I wouldn't dream of being without it. People compliment me all the time on my bracelet, and I love to give them the website! It's so nice to share that there ARE cool medical bracelets out there. I am 23, and having options is so refreshing!

-K. Edmonds
Lauren's Hope Customer

Your bracelet was seen and noted by paramedics at my motor vehicle accident. This alerted them to my allergies and my health status. I initially was not able to speak for myself, and your bracelet saved my life. Fashion with purpose.

-Patrice K.
Lauren's Hope Customer

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