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Vivian's Garden Medical ID Bracelet

Item: C259

Vivian's Garden Medical ID Bracelet
Vivian's Garden Medical ID Bracelet
Vivian's Garden Medical ID Bracelet No Tag
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Made with delicate sterling silver chain, our Vivian's Garden medical ID bracelet features a handmade sterling silver centerpiece. The bracelet attaches to your custom-engraved Lauren's Hope medical ID tag with two of our signature lobster clasps. This bracelet is suitable for everyday use including hand washing and bathing.


  • Sterling silver chain
  • Sterling silver centerpiece
  • Interchangeable
  • Pairs with any Lauren's Hope medical ID tag
  • Not for wear in hot tubs or pools

We'll custom size your bracelet for a fit that's not too tight or too loose.

Whether you are ordering a bracelet with a tag OR the bracelet portion only:

1. Snugly measure your wrist

2. Select your wrist size from the dropdown menu

3. We'll add the appropriate length to create a comfortable fit

Measure your wrist snugly. We’ll add the appropriate length for a custom, comfortable fit.
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Luxe ID Tags

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Standard ID Tags

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  6. +$7.00 Stainless Pink Oval Medical ID Tag
  7. +$7.00 Modern Stainless Red Medical ID Tag
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What type of tag will you be using to attach your bracelet?

Lauren's Hope Tag

Lauren's Hope Tag
What should I engrave? >>
  1. +$8.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
  2. +$2.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
  3. +$2.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
  4. +$2.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
  5. +$2.00 Maximum of 20 characters 20
Engraving Method

Traditional engraving appears tone-on-tone as shown below.

Color-Filled Engraving appears dark to provide contrast and increase ease of reading.

We recommend you engrave...

  • First and Last Name
  • Medical Condition(s)
  • Food or Drug Allergies
  • Emergency Contact #1
  • Emergency Contact #2

Tips and Hints

  • Be sure to indicate if you are on a medication or allergic to the medication.
  • Unless you are listing several numbers for the same person you do not need to indicate that it is a cell or work number.
  • The shorter the line, the larger the font will appear on the tag.
  • The tag will be easier to read if the lines are evenly spaced.
  • When listing allergies say "peanut allergy" instead of "allergy to peanuts" because it takes up less space.

Common Medical Abbreviations

Choose Your Clasp

Lobster Clasp

See example on bracelet above

Magnetic Clasp

Our magnetic closure features a matching safety chain, which allows you to slide your hand through the bracelet and close it without using the lobster clasp.
  • Do not select if you have a pacemaker.
See example bracelet
See example bracelet
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