Medical ID Alerts For Girls

Medical Jewelry For Girls

Girls’ medical alert jewelry has come a long way from the days of boring, clunky bracelets. With new styles and designs coming out all the time, Lauren’s Hope has a medical alert bracelet or necklace option for every girl, no matter what her style, activity level, age, or medical condition.  From flowery beaded bracelets to whimsical stainless steel options, to sporty silicone and paracord options, we have the products that make girls want to wear their medical ID jewelry.

Many of our girls’ medical alert bracelets are interchangeable, which means that as your daughter’s taste evolves, you can retain her existing medical ID plaque and simply purchase new bracelet strands that will affix to the tag via the lobster clasps at either end. Likewise, if your daughter’s medical conditions, medications, or ICE (in case of emergency) information changes and you need to update her medical ID tag, there’s no need to purchase a whole new bracelet. We make our ID plaques available for individual sale.

Do you have another child who doesn’t have any medical conditions? We recommend all kids wear ICE IDs for the simple reason that kids don’t carry driver’s licenses. If your child were lost or hurt, an ICE ID would allow first responders or good Samaritans to get in touch with you faster and get your child back where s/he belongs: with you.