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Woman's wrist with a stack of silver chain medical ID alert bracelets and decorative medical ID tag

Medical Alerts Are Recommended By First Responders

"Medical IDs are a great way to let EMS know vital health information when you don't have family or friends around and you cannot speak for yourself. Medical IDs can speed up the diagnosis time allowing EMS to give lifesaving medications faster."

-Austin B., EMT
Lauren's Hope First Responders Survey

Woman's wrist with a stack of silver chain medical ID alert bracelets and decorative medical ID tag
Silver and blue stretch beaded medical ID bracelet with blue medical ID tag

Fashion Meets Function

Durable and stylish beaded styles you'll want to wear all Spring.

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Artfully posed men's medical ID bracelets and men's medical alert dog tag with carbon fiber inlay

Signature Styles for Him

Clean and contemporary designs for men on the go.

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Why you need a Medical ID

Learn how medical alert jewelry can save your life in an emergency.

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"When I was in a major car accident 5 years ago, my medical I.D. bracelet saved my life because of all my medical issues. I don't go anywhere without it and have it on 24/7."
-D. Niederhauser
"Your bracelets/necklaces have saved my life more than a few times now, and I love that when I wear your items, I don't feel "branded" as ill, but can be safe as well as stylish! Thanks for the great products and excellent service... kudos to you!"
-T. Johnson
"Your bracelet was seen and noted by paramedics at my motor vehicle accident. This alerted them to my allergies and my health status. I initially was not able to speak for myself, and your bracelet saved my life. Fashion with purpose."
-Patrice K.
"Your bracelet was a lifesaver! I was in a major auto accident and because the EMT's read my medical bracelet, they knew I was a T1D and wearing an insulin pump. It made all the difference. Thank you for offering a quality product that is engravable for my unique needs!"
-M. Taylor
"My Lauren's Hope bracelet saved my life. I would wear anything from Lauren's Hope. Thanks to Lauren's Hope for all the beautiful lifesavers."
-L. Hodgkins

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The best medical ID is the one you want to wear.

It's Personal

Our carefully curated collection is designed to ensure that your custom-engraved ID keeps you safe while reflecting your personal style.

It's Fast

We offer multiple checkout and delivery options so you can order quickly and get your new ID in as little as 48 hours.

It's Guaranteed

Your ID is covered by our One-Year Warranty and backed by our Sure-Fit Guarantee, which includes one free size adjustment if your ID does not fit.

How To Measure

When you provide a snug wrist measurement, we are able to determine how long your bracelet needs to be in order to give you a great fit, taking ID tags and your comfort into account.

Wrist Measuring Tips
What To Engrave

80% of first responders consider custom-engraved emergency medical IDs to be the most effective forms of medical alert jewelry. Learn more about what to engrave on your medical ID here.

What Should I Engrave?

Medical alert jewelry is an important, personal purchase. Here, you can read reviews and testimonials from thousands of satisfied Lauren's Hope customers who are living their best lives with safety and style.

Read Customer Testimonials

Lauren’s Hope reinvented medical alert jewelry in 2001. Over the last 20 years, we’ve perfected the art of conveying your personal medical info to first responders through stylish medical alert bracelets, medical ID necklaces and medical dog tags. Wearing your medical information is a great way to alert others with your details which can help prevent an event from turning into a life-threatening emergency.

First responders are trained to check your wrist and neck for medical alert jewelry. All of our medical ID designs incorporate the medical caduceus symbol which is easily recognized. This symbol is what alerts first responders to your custom engraved emergency ID. Engraving the details that are relevant to your personal medical status is what matters most when choosing which pieces you want to own. Our medical ID tags hold up to 6 lines of engraving with 25 characters per line allowing you to inscribe what matters most.

You can read our engraving guide for more information about what to engrave.

We offer medical ID jewelry that suits every lifestyle. Our range includes durable 24/7 waterproof medical alert necklaces and bracelets, stylish and on-trend medical ID jewelry as well as a full line of med ID bracelets that are designed to help those who have trouble putting jewelry on and off by themselves.

Lauren’s Hope is located in America’s heartland and available to answer any questions you may have. Each piece comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, and resize service if needed. Our hope is that anyone who needs to wear a medical alert bracelet finds the one that makes them feel safe and comfortable everyday. We believe that the best medical ID is the one you want to wear.

What Medical Alert Jewelry Is Right for Me?

  • What is medic alert jewelry?
  • What is the best medical alert bracelet to buy?
  • What style of alert jewelry is right for me?
Medical alerts are bracelets and necklaces marked with a medical caduceus or staff of life symbol, which indicates the presence of medical information. 95% of first responders check the neck and wrist for medic alert jewelry, which can include pendant or dog tag necklaces as well as a variety of bracelet types, such as hypoallergenic cuffs, classic med ID chains, stretch styles, silicone med alert bands, and more.
The best medical ID bracelet is one you like and will wear daily. Here are a few other things to consider when shopping for the best medic alert bracelet:
  • • How much engraving space do you need? Our interchangeable styles have some of the largest engraving allowances.
  • • Will you wear your medical alert bracelet around the clock? If so, look for a stainless steel or silicone medical alert band for water-friendly, 24/7 daily wear.
  • • Will your information change? Interchangeable med IDs allow you to replace your medical alert tag without replacing all of your bracelets.

Deciding on a style of medical alert jewelry will help you narrow down your choices. Consider who will be wearing this medical alert. Are they:

  • • Stylish, fashion-forward: Consider an interchangeable medical alert bracelet. Made of a bracelet strand and medical alert tag, both pieces can be mixed and matched with others, allowing for a fresh look every day.
  • • Active and sporty: Silicone and stainless steel med alerts are best for highly active individuals who want to wear their med alerts during outdoor, water, and sports activities.
  • • Young and growing: Kids who like their medical alerts are much more likely to wear them. Help your child choose a med alert by visiting our boys’ and girls’ sections.