Men's Medical ID Dog Tags

Many people prefer medical alert necklaces over bracelets for a variety of reasons or occasions. So Lauren’s Hope has developed a line of durable, stylish medical alert dog tags for men, women, and children. Our custom dog tags for men come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they are available in multiple sizes.

Additionally, some of our medical ID dog tags feature a medical caduceus symbol on the front, while others have “ICE” imposed over an asterisk. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency, and EMTs are trained to recognize this abbreviation when they check a person for medical information. ICE IDs are great for those without medical conditions who are often alone. For example, long-distance runners, cyclists, and other athletes often wear custom dog tags as ICE IDs so they do not have to carry another form of identification while they’re enjoying the outdoors.

For men who need a bit more engraving room, custom dog tag necklaces are a perfect fit. In addition, most styles come with a black rubber silencer and a stainless steel ball chain. Replacement silencers and chains are always available in our Accessories section.