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How to measure for your new Medical ID

Proper sizing is an important part of ensuring that your medical alert bracelet is comfortable and long-lasting.

To determine your size, you’ll need to measure your wrist. Let’s get started:

1. You will need a soft measuring tape. Don’t have one? Pro tip: Use string or dental floss and then lay it against a ruler!

2. Wrap your measuring tape around your wrist at the narrowest point so the tape is flat against your skin (snug, not tight).

3. Find the zero (0) on the measuring tape and note the number opposite it when the tape is looped around your wrist. This is your wrist size.

Please note: The zero (0) is sometimes the end of the tape but sometimes not.
Measuring from the end or from the one (1) are common measuring mistakes that can result in a bracelet that does not fit.

Woman showing how to measure your wrist

Sizing FAQs

  • Can I measure a bracelet that does fit and give you that size?
    • Different types and styles of bracelets have different sizing requirements. Measuring your wrist is the best way to ensure that we size your medical ID just right for you.
  • I used to always order the same size. Why do you ask for wrist measurements now instead?
    • You may wear different sizes in different styles or types of our medical IDs, much as you might wear a slightly different shoe size depending on the style or brand. Wrist measurements provide the most reliable form of measuring.
  • What if it doesn't fit?
    • We always offer one free resizing in the first 30 days you own your medical ID bracelet. Your invoice will have information on resizing, should you need it.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    • Every product listing has a sizing and measuring guide. In most cases, we ask for your wrist measurement. Please do not add to or subtract from this number, as we will customize your ID, taking into account the type and style of ID tag you have or are ordering.