How To Measure For Your New Medical ID

Proper sizing is an important part of ensuring that your medical alert bracelet is comfortable.

To determine your size, you’ll need to measure your wrist. Let’s get started:

Woman's hands outstretched and holding white measuring tape


You will need a soft measuring tape. Don’t have one? Pro tip: Use string or dental floss and then lay it against a ruler!

Woman with flexible measuring tape wrapped around her wrist


Wrap your measuring tape around your wrist at the narrowest point so the tape is flat against your skin (snug, not tight).

Woman with flexible measuring tape around her wrist pointing to her snug wrist measurement


Find the zero (0) on the measuring tape and note the number opposite it when the tape is looped around your wrist. This is your wrist size.

When you have your snug wrist measurement, write it down. You will use this during the customization process.

Side note: Please do not add to this measurement.
Knowing your wrist size allows us to craft a bracelet that will fit you beautifully.

Click here to download our measurement guide + free measurement tool.


We test every medical ID bracelet to ensure the best fit for a particular style (so that the bracelets fit just right, not too right, and not too loose). Plus, our medical ID tags are rigid, so additional care needs to be taken by our team to ensure a good fit. This is why a snug wrist measurement is so important.

We know how important it is to have a bracelet that fits just right (and fits right the first time, so you can start wearing it right away). Every inch makes a difference with how your bracelet fits, so a snug wrist measurement helps us provide a great fit no matter which bracelet you choose.

In order for our designers to create a bracelet that fits just right, we ask that you provide your snug wrist measurement. We’ll add the appropriate amount for a fit that’s not too tight, and not too loose.

Don’t worry, we add an appropriate length to ensure a comfortable fit.

Don't worry, we're here to help! We offer one free resizing in the first 30 days you own your medical ID bracelet. Your invoice will have information on resizing, should you need it.