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Emergency ID Dog Tag Necklaces

Custom-engraved medical ID dog tags are discreet, comfortable medical alert options for everyday wear.
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Dog Tag and Ball Chain Necklace in Silver
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Antique Donovan Dog Tag and Rolo Chain Necklace
Starts at $41.00
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Safe T Rex Dog Tag and Ball Chain Necklace
Starts at $30.00
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Dog Tag and Ball Chain Necklace in Red
Starts at $22.00
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Trailhead Aluminum Medical Dog Tag in Grape
Starts at $22.00
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Trailhead Aluminum Medical Dog Tag in Sky Blue
Starts at $22.00
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Trailhead Aluminum Medical Dog Tag in Lime
Starts at $22.00
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Trailhead Aluminum Medical Dog Tag in Carrot
Starts at $22.00
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Medical Dog Tag Necklaces

One of the most traditional and common types of medical alert is the dog tag necklace (for humans, of course!). Medical dog tags are lightweight, comfortable options that can be worn over or under the shirt, allowing you to keep your ID visible or discreet. Made with nickel-free stainless steel, our medical ID dog tags are also hypoallergenic!

All of our styles include a medical alert dog tag, chain, and plenty of space for custom engraving. The traditional medical alert symbol on the front is designed to alert first responders and bystanders to the presence of your custom-engraved information on the back.

Choose From Discreet & Stylish Designs

Often thought of as being a style of men’s medical ID, our emergency ID dog tags come in a variety of sizes, styles, designs, and finishes for men, women, and kids. Because engravable dog tags are practical, comfortable forms of medical IDs, they are great options for the whole family.

Within our collection, you’ll find fun, brightly colored, and themed medical ID dog tags for kids. For their safety, we recommend necklaces for children aged five and up. Visit our collection of medical alert jewelry for kids to see options for our littlest customers.

Women’s medical ID necklaces come in two styles: pendants and dog tags. The only real difference is shape. The slightly rounded rectangle shape differentiates a dog tag from, say, a heart-shaped pendant. We offer a wide range of women’s medical alert dog tags, from the classic, plain dog tag to elegant designs inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

For men, our medical dog tags come in the traditional silver with a red symbol and ball chain, as one might expect. However, they also sport carbon fiber inlays, wood accents, and a range of metal tones and finishes.

Select the med ID that’s right for you. We’ll take care of the rest.

What to Include on an Engravable Dog Tag

Custom engraving matters! During our 2020 survey, 87% of responding medical professionals agreed that medical ID jewelry, such as a medical alert dog tag, can help speed up treatment, and over 80% agreed that the most effective medical alerts are those custom engraved to be unique to the wearer.

When adding your engraving to a custom dog tag necklace, you may wish to consider including the following:

  • NAME: Listing your full name helps with quick identification.
  • CHIEF MEDICAL CONDITION(S): Engravable dog tags are excellent tools for communicating your vital information, not your complete health history. Engrave the key items an EMT needs to know to help you quickly.
  • ALLERGIES: Even if your allergies are not likely to cause an emergency, consider all allergies you have. If you are allergic to medications commonly given in emergencies (such as pain killers, contrast dye, and antibiotics), EMTs and hospital health care providers need to know so they do not inadvertently create secondary emergencies.
  • TREATMENT CONSIDERATIONS: Are you unable to have an MRI due to an implanted device? Should your blood pressure only be taken on one side? Do you need rescue medications, and where do you keep them? These are all essential items to note.
  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS: In the past, people often engraved their doctor’s phone number on an ID, and the idea has hung on a bit. But in today’s world, doctors move practices, and their offices are not easily reachable 24/7. That is why we recommend engraving the cell phone number(s) of one or more emergency contacts who know your medical history, your doctors, and what hospital system holds your records.

Medical Dog Tags are FSA/HSA Eligible

Our emergency ID dog tags (and all of our med IDs!) are FSA/HSA eligible. Pay online with your FSA or HSA card, or hold onto your receipt for a reimbursement request.

No FSA/HSA card? No problem. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and AmazonPay for your convenience.

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For over 20 years, Lauren’s Hope has been your trusted source for medic alert dog tags, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Shop confidently knowing your medical ID dog tag is backed by our free one-year warranty. Simply choose the right one for you, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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