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Choose a custom-engraved medical alert tag to pair with your favorite interchangeable medical alert bracelets from Lauren’s Hope.

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Shop Personalized Medical ID Tags for Every Look

Over 80% of surveyed first responders agree: Custom-engraved medical alert tags are the most effective form of medical ID. At the same time, we know the best medical ID is one you want to wear. That’s why we offer medic alert tags that are not only all custom engravable, but that also come in a wide range of metal tones, finishes, designs, and inlays. And, of course, because medical ID tags should not only help keep you safe but also be safe (and comfortable!) to wear, we only use hypoallergenic, nickel-free stainless steel.

Looking for dog tags instead of bracelet tags? Shop for a medical alert necklace here.

Choose from Several Medical Alert Tag Styles

Our medical alert ID tags are designed to be worn with our interchangeable medical alert bracelets. These bracelets have clasps at either end, which has a lot of great benefits:

  1. You can take a single medical ID tag and move it from one bracelet to the next instead of needing a new tag for every bracelet.
  2. You can create layered looks by stacking up to three bracelet strands on one medic alert tag.
  3. You can replace your medical ID tag as you need or want, all without sacrificing any of the bracelets in your collection!

Deciding which of our medical alert ID tags is best for you? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Narrow your options by shopping by metal tone, gender, price, and more by using our helpful filtering tools.
  2. Consider whether you want waterproof ID tags. While all of our medical alert tags are safe for handwashing and other typical daily activities, our inlaid ID tags (such as those with abalone, wood, or mother of pearl insets) will maintain their beauty longer when not regularly submerged in water or exposed to chemicals.

Engraving Your Medical Alert Tags

Every medic alert tag we sell is custom engravable. We use your choice of engraving methods to customize the back of your med ID tag, while the front features the universally recognized medical symbol, which first responders are trained to look for in an emergency. Having your engraving on the back helps protect your engraving from scratches while keeping your personal information private.

Need help determining what to engrave on your medical ID tag? We’ve got your back.

  1. Visit our, “What to Engrave” page for helpful tips.
  2. Review these common medical alert abbreviations to help make the most of the space on your med ID tag.

Shop Custom Medical Alert Tags at Lauren’s Hope Today!

Your custom-engraved medic alert ID tag from Lauren’s Hope is the cornerstone of your med ID wardrobe. Once you have a tag, you can mix and match it with as many of our interchangeable bracelet styles as you wish. And, as with every item we sell, when you choose our medical alert tags, you get so much more:

  • FREE one-year warranty
  • FSA/HSA card acceptance and FSA-eligible receipts
  • FREE one-on-one shopping and consultation sessions
  • Highly trained, in-house, US-based Customer Care Team
  • And most importantly: Peace of mind.