Personalized Men’s Dog Tag Necklaces

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Men’s Medical Dog Tag Necklaces

There was a time when men’s medical ID jewelry was simply unattractive and uncomfortable. Since 2001, Lauren’s Hope has changed that, offering traditional and stylish medical bracelets for men as well as a broad range of medical dog tags for men.

When surveyed, 95% of first responders self-report that they check both wrists and the neck for jewelry bearing the medical symbol. This symbol lets them know to flip the jewelry over to locate your personal information. It doesn’t matter if your ID is on your wrist or around your neck. What matters most is that your med ID is custom engraved. In fact, the vast majority of surveyed first responders agree that wearing a medical ID can speed up the time to treatment and help improve patient outcomes.

“Medical ID's are a great way to let EMS know vital health information when you don't have family or friends around and you cannot speak for yourself. Medical ID's can speed up the diagnosis time allowing EMS to give life saving medications faster.”

-Austin B., EMT

What to Include on an Engravable Men’s Medical Alert Necklace

Every men’s medical alert necklace we carry can be custom engraved to your specifications. We recommend engraving your:


This holds true for medical alert dog tags for men just as it does for bracelets for diabetes, alzheimer’s bracelets, or pacemaker medic alerts. Every ID works for every condition with custom engraving. The same custom dog tags for men with high blood pressure can be engraved for men who take blood thinners, have a history of stroke, or have any other medical needs to communicate.

Shop a Variety of Men’s Dog Tag Necklace Styles

When choosing a men’s dog tag necklace, consider the metal tone you prefer. Do you usually wear silver, gold, or black jewelry? You may want your med ID to match the other items you wear, such as a watch, bracelet, or wedding band.

No matter which style or finish you choose, all of our medical alert dog tags for men share some key benefits:

  • They’re hypoallergenic; made with nickel-free stainless steel
  • They’re lightweight, comfortable, and easy to put on and remove
  • They’re custom engravable with most having the option of tone-on-tone or high-contrast laser engraving

Whether you choose our minimalist dog tags for men or upgrade to our higher end dog tags with carbon fiber or wood inlays, we have the selection, quality, and styles you want with the service and safety you need.

Shop Lauren’s Hope Medical Dog Tags for Men Today!

When you shop medical alert dog tags for men with Lauren’s Hope, you get more than just a med ID. You get:

  • Peace of mind knowing your information is right where you need it
  • Our industry-best one-year free warranty
  • Our secure, in-house Customer Care Team
  • Payment via FSA/HSA card
  • Quick and easy checkout and fast delivery