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Replacement Chains Girls' Medical ID Alert Jewelry

Our girls' Replacement Chains medical ID bracelets are durable and secure while also being stylish enough so, when wearing a medical ID bracelet, kids feel confident and safe. Choose from pretty beaded bracelets and waterproof girls’ medic alert bracelets or shop our selection of girls’ med ID necklaces. From sporty styles to colorful, cute medical alerts, we have the right fit for every kid.

6 items
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Replacement Chains Girls' Medical Alerts

Our Replacement Chains girls’ medical alerts are as fun and unique as the girls who wear them! Choose from girls’ med ID bracelets or necklaces in a broad range of colors, materials, and styles, all of which can be custom engraved with your child’s specific medical and emergency contact information.

When designing med alert bracelets for kids, we know style matters. Kids who like their med IDs tend to be more comfortable and compliant about wearing them, which helps build a lifelong, proactive habit of wearing med ID jewelry every day.

When shopping for children’s medical alert bracelets, we recommend considering interchangeables styles, which allow you to order additional bracelet strands or new ID tags when needed without replacing an entire med ID wardrobe.

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