La Petite Tag in Silver with White Caduceus

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    • Hypoallergenic stainless steel
    • La Petite pattern and white caduceus
    • 1 ½” x ½”
    • Water resistant
  • The La Petite White Caduceus Medical ID Tag features art deco detailing and a streamlined design. It bears a white medical caduceus symbol on the front that is internationally recognized by first responders, alerting them to your personal and medical information, engraved on the back. This hypoallergenic, stainless steel plate offers the same safety as all of our ID tags with stylish, feminine flair.

    This water-safe medical alert tag is custom engravable, comfortable to wear, and pairs perfectly with any interchangeable Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet. Simply open the lobster clasps at either end of your bracelet strand to affix your custom-engraved medical ID tag. With interchangeable medical ID bracelets, you can swap your bracelet strand to suit your outfit, mood, or activity.

    Also called medical ID medallions or medical ID plaques, our medical alert tags are custom engravable. All of our med alert tags are water-safe and compatible with our interchangeable medical ID bracelet strands.

    When engraving your medical ID tag, we recommend listing your name, chief medical condition(s), treatment considerations, any known allergies, and at least one emergency contact number, preceded by the letters ICE for, “In Case of Emergency.” Our medical alert tags are available with and without medical ID bracelet strands. So if you ever want a new look or need a different engraving, you can simply order a new medical ID tag and wear it with your existing interchangeable medical ID bracelet strands

    Always double check your engraving. Engraved items are not eligible for refund or exchange.