Girls' Medical ID Charms

    Our medical ID charms are available in a variety of styles and colors. The medical charms are different from our bracelet charms. The bracelet charms are small accessories, such as hope charms and awareness charms, which we will affix to your custom medical ID bracelet. The medical ID charms listed here are engravable medical alert charms, designed to be worn on shoes, bags, or necklaces. You can easily move these charms from one place to the next, as they attach via lobster clasp, making them a convenient choice when wearing a medical ID bracelet, anklet, or necklace is not an option.

    For kids, adding a medical ID charm to their shoes is a great way to add yet another layer of protection. They’re also an excellent option for kids who have texture issues and cannot tolerate wearing jewelry. For these kids, we recommend pairing the medical ID charms with our great line of bag tags!