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Green Medical ID Alert Bracelet Tags

Lauren’s Hope offers an array of medical ID bracelet tags that are designed to work with our line of inter-changeable bracelets. Each ID tag is made of nickel-free stainless steel, making it durable and waterproof, which is important when worn every day. These ID tags can moved from one bracelet to another allowing you to mix and match your medical IDs depending on your activity and style choices.

There’s room for up to 6 lines of custom engraving (25 characters per line) allowing you to detail your medical history to others in the event of an emergency. We offer helpful tips on organizing your info as well as useful abbreviations.

4 items
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Medical ID Tags for Bracelets

These Green medical ID tags pair with our interchangeable bracelets. Each of our medical ID bracelet tags are 1.5 inches long and typically rest on the underside of your wrist when worn. When paired with a medical ID bracelet you’ll have an alert that’s discreet during every day activities but visible in the event of an emergency. Your information is engraved on the back side of the tag which rests against your skin.

Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet tags range from simple and straight forward to those with more detailed design. However, each one has the medical caduceus symbol placed prominently on the face which is what first responders are trained to look for.

Over 80% of surveyed first responders agree that a custom-engraved medical ID tag is the most effective form of medical ID! Plus:

  • • Engraved ID tags are easy to move from one bracelet to another, so you can use the same tag with as many bracelets as you’d like!
  • • Our medical ID tags are sold with bracelets and separately so that you can easily order new engraved identification tags to wear with your existing bracelets anytime you have new information or want a different look!