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Stealth Bracelet

Item: A111
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    • Stainless steel
    • Tag measures 1.5" long x .5" tall
    • Non-interchangeable
    • Water resistant
    • Discreet engraving: Remove ID to read

    Made of durable stainless steel, Stealth is a classic medical alert bracelet that bears the internationally recognized medical caduceus symbol on the front to alert first responders to your medical information, engraved on the back. With pin-style links and a flip closure opposite the affixed medical ID tag, Stealth is a traditional, water-safe med alert bracelet ideal for daily wear.

    When engraving your medical alert bracelet, we recommend listing your name, chief medical condition(s), treatment considerations, any known allergies, and at least one emergency contact number, preceded by the letters ICE for, “In Case of Emergency.” For assistance with your engraving, visit our Engraving Information page or contact us for personal assistance.

    Always double check your engraving. Engraved items are not eligible for refund or exchange.