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Allergies are serious medical conditions that can both cause an emergency situation or be triggered during standard treatments, making allergy medical alerts vitally important. The most common reasons for wearing an allergy alert bracelet are food allergies, drug allergies, material allergies (EG: latex), and stinging insect allergies. However, there are many more allergies to consider.

Additionally, there is a common saying in the allergy community, which states, in effect: There are no minor allergies, just minor reactions. That is, reactions are unpredictable and varied. According to, “First-time exposure may produce only a mild reaction. Repeated exposures may lead to more serious reactions. Once a person has had an exposure or an allergic reaction (is sensitized), even a very limited exposure to a very small amount of allergen can trigger a severe reaction.”

That’s why, even if you or your loved one’s reactions have thus far been mild, allergy bracelets are still vital. Learn more about what to engrave on the different kinds of allergy bracelets here:

What to Engrave on an Allergy Alert Bracelet or Necklace

Custom engraving allergy bracelets (for adults and for kids) is the best way to ensure that your allergy alert bracelet contains the exact information you need. Why is that so important? outlines it well in an interview with Army Col. (Dr.) Rodd Marcum:

“When first responders are able to quickly narrow their focus to high-probability issues based on applicable individual medical conditions, interventions can be quickly employed, and outcomes optimized,” he said. For example, “a simple bracelet with less than 80 characters can turn a very scary life-threatening situation with dozens of possible causes into a controlled and systematic response.”

When first responders have key information, including known allergies, they are better positioned to quickly assess the situation and provide the correct treatment.

When engraving your medical ID, it’s important to include the basics:

If space allows, it’s also a good idea to list any unusual symptoms you might display and explain what to do in an emergency. For example, spell out whether you should be given Benadryl or Epinephrine. Note whether you carry an Epipen or other autoinjector. State whether/when 911 should be called.

Medical Allergy Bracelets & Necklaces for Adults

“[A custom allergy alert bracelet] may significantly impact my care depending on allergens or past history.”

Nicholas Yoncher EMT-P

Wearing an allergy necklace is an easy, comfortable option when you live with allergies. Bracelet options, from cuffs to chains, are also great fits. Among our medical bracelets for women, you can choose any of our styles. The same goes for medical bracelets for men. What matters most is finding a medical alert bracelet or necklace that you like and want to wear.

The only other consideration is whether you have metal allergies. Fortunately, we only use nickel-free, hypoallergenic stainless steel. Every product we sell has its materials listed on its product page, allowing you to make choices designed to help you stay safe in every sense.

Medical Allergy Bracelets & Necklaces for Kids

For kids, allergy alert bracelets and necklaces are custom engravable, just as our adult styles are. In fact, for older tweens and teens, we recommend shopping the adults’ collections. For younger kids, however, we carry a fun array of custom-engravable necklaces and allergy bracelets for kids.

We find that kids who are able to help choose their med IDs are more compliant in wearing their jewelry daily. In fact, medical IDs sometimes even help encourage teaching moments and self-advocacy among kids, as they tend to show friends jewelry they enjoy.

“I want to thank you for what your bracelets have done indirectly. They are so cool, so cute, so interesting that everyone always notices them and asks about them. And what does that lead to? EDUCATION. Your bracelets are helping to educate a new generation to be understanding and see that [a diagnosis] does not define you.”

-Phoebe Mendez, LH Customer

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Allergy alert medical ID jewelry is a daily necessity for anyone living with allergies. If you would like, personal assistance in choosing your new med ID for allergies or any other condition, reach out. We offer:

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