Blood Thinner Bracelets & Necklaces

“Blood thinners are prescribed for people who have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke due to an irregular heart rhythm, heart or blood vessel disease, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or prior heart attack or stroke,” explains the team at Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

All of these conditions merit wearing a medical ID on their own. The addition of blood thinners doubles the need for medical alert jewelry, because, as Oklahoma Heart Hospital explains, “Because blood thinners work to prevent blood clots from forming in the body, there is an increased risk of both external and internal bleeding when taking any of these medications.” People on blood thinners also need advanced monitoring for internal bleeding after a trauma. If, however, you are unconscious or disoriented due to an accident or injury, your medical ID bracelet can help make that information available at a glance.

A Blood Thinner Medical Alert Could Save Your Life

“[Annually] about 1 in every 250 Americans goes to a hospital emergency department because of an adverse drug event,” according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, the CDC explains that blood thinners are among the most common causes of adverse drug events. This makes it imperative that medical providers know if you are taking blood thinners and which specific medications and dosages you take.

In addition to drug interactions or contraindications, blood thinners increase bleeding risks. The National Blood Clot Alliance explains, “Blood thinning medications do save lives, because they can treat or prevent dangerous blood clots. But, they also pose one possible and very serious side effect: Bleeding. Since blood thinners slow the clotting of blood, unwanted and sometimes dangerous bleeding can occur with the use of these medications.” For this reason, the Cleveland Clinic recommends that, “You should order and wear a medical identification bracelet so you can get proper medical care in case of an emergency situation.”

If you or someone you love is on blood thinners, medical ID jewelry is a true necessity. Thankfully, we carry a wide range of blood thinner medical alert bracelet options, all of which can be custom engraved just for you.

What to Include on a Blood Thinner Bracelet or Necklace

Custom engraving is particularly important for a blood thinner bracelet or blood thinner necklace. “Bleeding in patients on antiplatelet or anticoagulation agents often necessitates reversal of the active agent,” explains Dr. C. Michael Gibson. Because different types of blood thinners have different reversal agents and protocols, it is vital that first responders and other health care providers know which specific blood thinner(s) you take. That’s why in addition to listing your name, diagnosis(es), any medications, all allergies, and emergency contact numbers, we specifically recommend listing your current blood thinner by name. Here are some examples of common engravings for medical ID jewelry for people on blood thinners:

ICE 555-746-4097
ICE 555-746-0014
ICE 555-746-4097
ICE 555-746-4097
ICE 555-746-4098

Lauren’s Hope Personalized Blood Thinner Bracelets

When shopping for a medical alert bracelet, blood thinner bracelets are the same as any other medical alert bracelet. Simply select the style you like, and we will customize it just for you.

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Another great option is a medical alert necklace. Blood thinner information can be custom engraved on any of our dog tags or pendants.

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